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Reading all the “I’ve been ripped off” posts I thought I would give my positive experience with Shaver Shop. My man’s Braun Series 9 razor decided to turn up its toes; it would turn on for a couple of seconds then die. Checked my emails and we had bought it from Shaver Shop in November, 2018 and after a bit of Googling found out the warranty was 2 years. Bonus. Figured we would get the run around with Shaver shop but after ringing the help desk, and answering questions on status, the guy said, “take it back to a bricks and mortar Shop and they will swap it for a new unit. If they give you trouble tell them I said the swap over is OK”. Took the shaver in, with accessories, they tested the shaver was stuffed, the problem wasn’t the charge cable, then found us a brand new version of the man’s razor and swapped it over. Completely new razor including new cleaner station and a container of cleaning fluid. Ding, ding ding we have a winner. My preference is, always, bricks and mortar because being able to walk in and resolve an issue is better than the dance of posting back and forth and hoping nothing goes wrong.

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  • Yep, was one of the few bricks and mortar purchases i made this year and was pleasantly surprised at their service.
    picked up one of the 3 series brauns for $109 (yes i don't have a costco membership unfortunately)

    • We have Costco membership, it is worth the price of admittance for the scratch and dent area and looking at the bizarre stuff people buy. We have, certainly, got our money’s worth out of the membership.

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    Are we allowed to create posts about positive experiences here? I tried to report this post to a mod, but there's no option for "too cheerful".

  • Shaver shop gave me quite the run around with warranty for a clear cut major failure not long after purchase. They refused to refund as is required under consumer law for a major failure. Ended up getting an exchange product + difference in cash, which was the best I could press for with limited time to muck around. Don't recommend.

  • I always notice your posts, comments and presence bring a positive presence to Ozbargain. It is nice to perceive.

  • So basically you claimed your basic rights under the ACL and the vendor’s warranty? You must be easily impressed.

    SS charge a premium on all their products so they’ve still come out on top.

    • If you read some of the posts here people are being made to jump through hoops even if they do try to claim their basic rights.

      Not so much easily impressed as pleasantly surprised. I look at the online prices and the price we paid for that shaver was the cheapest around. Shaver Shop often have introductory discount vouchers etc which make them very competitive. I don’t have to go through the will my thing be shipped and, if not, do I need to sort this out with PayPal route either.

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