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$30 off Your First Order with Uber Eats


Get $30 off when you place your first order with the Uber Eats app (including delivery fee).

Simply enter the code below in the promotions section of the Uber Eats app and order before midnight AWST 31st July 2020.

A promo for up to $30 off your first order. Maximum of $30 off total order value applies. Promo expires midnight (AWST) 31/07/2020. Valid for use on your first order with the Uber Eats app only. Any remaining value is forfeited if total order value is below $30.

You can also TRY Promo Code (72EATS) for $15.00 OFF First Order, Code Expires 30/09/2020

Referral Links

Referral: random (1635)

$0 Delivery Fee on your First Order. Referrer receives something too (Likely free delivery on next order). Cannot be stacked with new user signup codes.

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  • +2

    It works, got a notification but couldn't find it. Thanks for the free dinner!

  • Can I use this and a referral link at the same time? (As in get both the$30 discount and $10 credit in referral)

    Or is it one or the other

  • +1

    Received the email but doesn't work. Hmm

  • I’ve never ordered before and thought I might use this tonight. My concern is, who pays for the meal? Is the business and / or driver getting screwed over? I don’t want to do it if that’s the case.

    • +1

      Good point. I'm also curious. I was hoping Uber will pay the usual rates to the restaurant and the driver.

      • +1

        Me too - I’d hate to do this to the restaurant and driver at the best of times. I know it’s the cost of advertising, especially for first time users, like me, but I’d still hate to put people under additional financial strain in these crappy times.

    • +2

      I'm pretty sure Uber eats covers it, I'd hate to imagine them screwing over the drivers even more than they already do. If your getting it maybe leave a $5/$10 note at the door as a tip since then the driver gets straight cash and not a percentage of the tip given through the app. That's what i did at least.

      • It'd be better if the billion dollar Uber actually paid people properly rather than this US tipping rubbish.

  • Worked for me. Thanks OP

  • "Oops! You weren't eligible for this code."

  • Expired yesterday.

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