Sony 55" X9500H new 2020 LED LCD - Discuss

The Sony 55" X9500H has arrived at the Goodguys. Its currently selling for $2495 which is same as Sonys price of $2495.

I'd like to get people's thoughts on the new line up from Sony?

I'm guessing I should either wait for a price drop, try to bargain them down to around or sub $2000 or join the OLED club.

I know LG CX OLED would be the top choice for most, but I'm thinking of choosing the led LCD for motion, brightest and Sony for the colours and upscaling.

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The Good Guys
The Good Guys


  • If you’re a gamer - wait for the X9000H which has better HDMI 2.1 support than the X9500H which makes little sense and will be a bit cheaper too. Perhaps look to the Samsung Q80T as the closest competitor. OLEDs are superior but you’re looking at an extra $1000 or so.

    • Thanks for the tip on the X9000H - didn't realise that it has a better chipset than the more premium 9500. I hope they'll bring out the 85" model of it here, might be an option for me.

      The Q80T is great other than the lack of Dolby Vision - I can't get over that, totally kills it for me.

  • A friend of mine works at Sony and can get X9500H 65 inch model for $2500.. i'm thinking that's a good price.. might pull the trigger on it..

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