Best Route Planning Mobile App for Delivery Driver

I recently starts working as a van delivery driver do around 70 stops a day. Google Map only allows up to 10 stops and no route optimisation. I like GM feature of predict or suggest the address I'm going to type. I'm using an Android phone atm. I did a online search but it's mostly advertising for company with bias opinions.

So, I'm very keen to hear from experienced drivers about what app do you use, cost, features and limitation, australian road suitability or you use a dedicated GPS device.


  • Waze - real time user based traffic and hazard updates and will calculate best routes to next destination from live data.

    • I need to enter about 70 destinations and optimise the best route to go to all of them. I don't think Waze can do that though.

  • I used to use an app called circuit.
    was kind of pricey but worked really well

  • Are they all in the same suburb / area?

    Or multiple stops in multiple suburbs?

    When I did this… I mostly had multiple stops in few suburbs. So used gm to enter destinations in one suburb and one from the next suburb on route.

    If it was multiple stops in a single suburb then I knew the suburb pretty well or if I didn't I used to segregate as per locations..

    • It's multiple stops in around 4 suburbs.
      Did GM optimise the best route for you in 1 suburb or you have to work it out yourself?

      • naah…It didn't. Once I entered all and it mapped it out - I had to move stops as per map locations to get the best (time wise) outcome..

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