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[eBook] Free Liverpool F.C. Quiz | Foot Reflexology: Complete Guide | Flavors of India: Experience The Taste of India @ Amazon


Liverpool F.C. Quiz: 300 Questions on Players, Managers,
To celebrate Liverpool FC winning the title after 30 years, lets test your club knowledge

“There is no one anywhere in the world at any stage who is any bigger or any better than this football club.” ~ Kenny Dalglish
US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B08BFKM19S

Foot Reflexology: A Complete Guide for Foot Reflexology

Foot reflexology is gaining worldwide attention as more and more people discover its astounding benefits for their health and in their everyday lives. It’s also being introduced into almost all fields of treatment as an inexpensive and convenient method to prevent and cure various diseases.
AU https://www.amazon.com.au/dp/B00PMK5OE0
US https://www.amazon.com/dp/B00PMK5OE0

Flavors of India: Experience the Taste of India

Are you looking to spice up and add more culture into your meals? If so, you’ve come to the right place! Explore the flavors of India, which include delicacies from the North and the South!
AU https://www.amazon.com.au/Flavors-India-Experience-Kitchen-Delicious-ebook/dp/B08BC5FDSL/
US https://www.amazon.com/Flavors-India-Experience-Kitchen-Delicious-ebook/dp/B08BC5FDSL/

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  • +5

    That's awesome, if any Liverpool supporters visit I don't have to talk to them…

    • +11

      World champions. European champions. League champions.

      • Been there done that.

        • +3

          Manc supporters love living in the past

      • -1

        You'll never walk alone at Anfield. Cos if you do, you could get stabbed.

      • +1

        Now I'm no Man U fan, but it is worth noting that since Liverpool last won a League title, Peter Schmeichel has managed to emerge from relative obscurity and win the European Championships with Denmark for the first time ever, sign for and establish himself as first choice goalkeeper with Manchester United and win the League for their first time in 26 years, before repeating the feat a further four times, move to Portugal, win the league with Sporting Lisbon for the first time in 18 years, retire, buy his own football club, watch them win their first League title ever, have a son and watch him win the League with Leicester for the first time ever.

        Congratulations Liverpool. Contrary to what the Schmeichel family would have you believe, winning the league is indeed a pretty rare and elusive feat.

        Here's hoping Villa don't rain on your parade for the second time in a week…

        • OK united fan. Villa rained on our parade.

          • @michaelTito: No such luck. I am a Villa fan, but moreover a football fan.

            City rained on your parade, as United had for the previous thirty years…

            • -1

              @UncleRico: damn united fan is all out after they won 3 games. youre still 5th brother

              • @michaelTito: Actually, we're in the relegation spots. I'd give my right arm for 5th and avoiding a return to the Championship, so you're continuing to bark up the wrong tree (and punctuate your responses like a 9 year old).

                But I did once see Liverpool play live, back in this game;


                You'll be happy to hear that Stewart Downing scored the match winning goal that day, whilst an injured Stevie Gerrard watched the game from the stands with the fans. Albeit the cheap seats, and not the Holte End corporate facilities where I enjoyed the match. Great day…

                • @UncleRico: damn i feel bad for you bro.

                  • @michaelTito: You needn't. The son even shines on a dog's arse every once in a while, so long may you enjoy the only Liverpool league title you've ever witnessed in your lifetime.

                    • @UncleRico: damn the 2-0 did you good didnt it?

                      • @michaelTito: So you've abandoned your belief that I'm a Man U fan in hiding? Nice.

                        As for the Villa - Liverpool game, the Bin Dippers deserved it on the balance of play. El Ghazi in particular was profligate in front of goal and we failed to capitalise on your title-winning hangover. It highlighted the difference between the kind of incisive finishing Man City showed three days earlier, and what a newly promoted team bereft of strike power could deliver and we seemed destined to return to the Championships.

                        That's football and true fans wouldn't have it any other way…

                        • @UncleRico: villa fan and united fan they all the same. bunch of shitty teams thats all.

                          • @michaelTito: Well that's English of sorts, I suppose.

                            Congrats again on your title win. Despite having no domestic success for over thirty years, in no time at all you've mastered the art of being a sore winner! Well played…

                            • @UncleRico: champions of everything haha

                              • @michaelTito: Tell that to Jamie Carragher and Steven Gerard.

                                Luke Chadwick has more league title wins than both of them combined!

                                • @UncleRico: OK you got me. I got nothing else to say. The brun was too original for me.

                                  • @michaelTito: I'd like to say I know what you mean, but I've got no idea what a "brun" is.

                                    Unless that's how a Scouser describes the colour of Sadio Mane's complexion?

                                    "Y'know vut fust guvnor up frun? He's got brun skun."

                                    [Somewhere in the distance, a pasty, portly fellow with no front teeth breaks into a rousing rendition of Mary Cross the Mersey…]

                                    //end scene//

                                    • @UncleRico: How you feeling. Your one favourite team beat your other favourite team. Both still crap though.

  • +1


  • How about some free books not from Amazon for a change. For some balance.

    • Do you want to read the Bible or Mein Kampf? Both are free.

  • -2

    Question 1: In his long career with the Reds, how many league titles has Steven Gerrard won?

  • +3

    *may not prevent or cure various diseases

  • +3

    Reflexology is pseudoscience, don't buy into its sham.

    • Sounds like you're voting with your feet.

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