Leaving Optus - Central Coast

Hi everyone.
We are leaving optus after many moons because we feel like we are just paying a bit much for whatever. We are on the central coast

We wont need phone, just internet.
Family of 4
2 primary students
One work from home + study
One gameguy dad,
Rabid netflixery

Any thoughts or suggestions? Any welcome!


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    • More expensive then ABB despite some of the worst customer service around. And that's assuming you don't already have a reason to not want to give money to Telstra.

      *Plus, iirc there's no way to avoid getting (and thus paying for) their router.

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      I havve no interest in returning to telstra at all. Worst service (techncal, product and customer) of anything ive ever paid for in my entire life.

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    I use Aussie NBN from the north end of the coast. no complaints

    • Cheers. Ive posted this elsewhere and had their name put up

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    Definitely ABB. Use referral code from Ozbargain too, it’s worth it. Best service, customer service is quick and efficient

  • Another vote for Aussie Broadband, they aren't the cheapest but by far the best service with no slowdowns and great support that you get your money's worth. Give them a go.