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15% off Beds and Sofas at Koala


I tried my luck with online chat after missing out on the EOFY sale and was provided with this coupon code. Not sure how long this will last. Only tested coupon with beds and sofas- it may work with the other furniture.


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  • Anyone tried their sofa beds?

    • Yeah, we bought one!

      For a sofabed it was reasonably comfortable to sleep on, but that took a few nights of bad sleep "softening it up" (as recommended by their support).

      As far as a sofa is concerned, the entire seat is made of foam and fabric - obvious from the videos, but I missed the implication. It means there's no structure or support at all under the seat, so the seat section and backrest kind of 'slides forwards' unless you're sitting upright, right at the back, and in the middle - not even in the corners, because they collapsed under my 80kg.

      We didn't find it any good as a replacement for our everyday sofa, but their returns process was excellent and from what I understand, they get donated to op shops and charities.

      The most disappointing part was my 3 star review never appeared on their website… And their review score never went down either

      • Thanks for the detailed response. The lack of structure and support also concerned me, i weigh about the same. Is for a guest bed / second lounge so not too worried but $1500 is still $1500.

        Interesting about their reviews, seem to be glowing on their website so Im sure they're cherry picked.

        Thanks again.

  • Returned my mattress from them, each to their own but my parents couldn’t stand it either.

    Overhearing and waking up with a sore back, no thanks

    • Yeah I found sleeping duck mattresses are way better and they got choice awards, haven't got the bed base yet

  • Just checked out the productreview reviews - so many bad ones from the last year having major sagging etc.

    • The sofas get pretty decent reviews. I recently bought 4 mattresses in a box, but decided against koala for these.

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