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Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H $178 (Sold out), Air Purifier Pro $289.95, Xiaomi Scooter Pro $699 Delivered @ Shopro


Greetings everyone, Our shopro store has just dropped the price on Xiaomi Air purifier. Best price so far.

Xiaomi Air Purifier 3H $ 178 Sold Out at:

Xiaomi Mi Smart Air Purifier 3H $ 178 Delivered

Xiaomi Scooter Pro $699 available at:

Xiaomi Electric Scooter Pro $699 Delivered

Xiaomi Scooter $539.95 available at:

Xiaomi Electric Scooter $539.95 Delivered

360 S7 Vacuum $568 available at:

360 S7 Robot Vacuum $568 Delivered

Air Purifier 3H Main Features

400cbm / h particulate CADR can deliver 6660L of clean air per minute
OLED Touch Screen display, air quality at a glance
High-precision laser particle sensor, sensitive to air quality
APP and AI voice intelligent control, support remote control
3 layers of barrel filter purification, efficient removal of harmful substances such as PM2.5, formaldehyde
Small size, can be placed at will
Back-tilt centrifugal fan, brushless motor, strong combination, output high air volume
Large-area style grille for fast and even airflow
Better performance and lower noise
Applicable area: 28 - 48sqm
Rated voltage: 100 - 240V
Rated power: 38W

All products have 12 Months Warranty.

As always, Enjoy.

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  • +1

    Fire in the hole! Air purifier war. Lol

  • +2

    Keen for another Dreame V9P Vacuum Carpet head combo sub $300 deal. Thanks for posting these nonetheless OP

  • Thanks for the kick in the nuts.

  • Australian power plug?

    • Yes.

      • Thanks, so definitely not via a travel adaptor?

        • +2

          Australian compliance power plug. Eactly same model with other specified au stock model. Same upc 6934177710612.

  • +2

    Is the household air quality really that bad these days? I mean a humidifier is understandable, but this..

    • +13

      Getting ready for bush fire season.

      • Aye, that's one good reason.

    • +1
    • +4


      • This is a good point. I like to cook but after eating, I just want to chill out and having cooking aromas stick around for hours after is not my thing. An air purifier like this is fantastic for me as a comfort thing.

    • I got one because my cat is a furry mf'er and it's been doing quite well with all the dust and crap he causes!

  • Two more price drops in the last few minutes? How low will it go? 😉

    • Check the history and beat the best price.

  • +1

    Can the 3h clean cigarette smoke n toxins …?
    Reviews are mixed and confusing.

    • +1

      It will help. The 3H model is improved from the original.

      If you smoke inside this is definitely a must. I use mine to get rid of my neighbors cigarette smoke, works a dream

    • I find it hard to believe that it's going to do much about tobacco smoke. Also, if you're concerned about toxins, I'd suggest quitting :p

  • +6

    do these help with reducing dust build up on surfaces? im looking for something to help with that :/

    • +1

      A feather duster?

    • +4

      From my experience they won’t reduce dust collection on surfaces to a noticeable level. My filter cartridge doesn’t collect dust on its surface so I assume it doesn’t suck out dust from the air. In addition the airflow isn’t strong enough to suck in heavy particulate.

      IMO you are better off investing in a decent vacuum cleaner if you want to reduce dust loading in a room.

  • +3

    Thanks, I've bought one. Expecting a baby during bushfire season so this is going in the nursery.

  • Awesome price picked 1 up on ebay plus offer $217 a few hours back, then seen this offer, just purchased it, cancelling ebay order now.

    • I was also thinking of getting the 3H from allphones ebay offer ealier. Went all the way to checkout but I had something urgent to do and forgot to complete checkout. Came back to see what is on ozbargain and saw this then bought it. Glad that I didnt buy earlier :)

  • What's the main difference between the Pro and 3H?

    • +1

      Pro for larger space.

    • Pro isn't Hepa certified, so possibly doesn't filter the finer particles.

  • Where do we buy filters to replace the old ones when they are worn out. How much do these hepa filters cost?

    • Normally you can purchase from Here

      • Thanks, how long can these filters last if you turn the air purifier on everyday. Can it last 1 year?
        Thanks for advice.

        • Bought in Nov/19 and have to replaced last week

          • @snvl: apparently you can cover the chip and keep using them for longer

            • +1

              @atrorz: I shouldn’t have said replaced. I did clean it up and tape/foil the rfid. Plan to use it like that til nov.

          • @snvl: Do u run it 24/7?

      • When will the filters restock?

    • https://www.dicksmith.com.au/da/buy/xiaomi-mi-anti-formaldeh…

      Thats a long link lol.But dick smith sells it for one. But there are others too.

  • do you need change filter for this product?

    • Every 6 to 12 months
      Depending on the air quality and use
      ~$50 AUD

  • +1

    Do you reckon these things actually work? I have one and the sensor definitely works. Eg, fireplace on or cookings and it kicks in.

    But I wonder if it is actually cleaning the air or just fresh air or a natural reduction that causes the ultimate drop in the particle reading.

    • +4

      https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VidZMqmTgJQ quick explanation video if you want to learn what they can and cannot do.

      • Thanks for that - I was hoping to buy one to purify horrible food smells from neighbouring apartments, but it seems like an air purifier won't do it.

        • +1

          That video is really misleading since most air purifiers have activated charcoal filters which do did which deal with odours and VOCs. There is other technology to deal better with VOCs as well thought admittedly charcoal isn't a perfect solution. A hepa filter does not filter virus? WTF that is their primary purpose! They are used in operating rooms for both virus AND bacteria. This video was seriously dishonest.

          For you situation make sure you get a proper activated charcoal filter and make sure you replace it regularly and you should see an improvement.

  • Bought, thanks OP!

  • Just purchased, hopefully it'll help some of my allergies!

  • -1

    Do you have the Pro H?

    • Only Pro at this moment.

      • Do you expect to make the Pro H available any time soon?

        • is not avaiable at English version at this moment.

          • +1

            @Gearbite: Researching about which model of Xiaomi Air Purifier to buy is a nightmare due to the confusing naming. The "H" in 3H indicates that it is Global (English) but apparently not the case for Pro H? Wonder what they would call the Pro H English version.
            So many names, so confusing: 2, 2S, 2H, 3, 3H, Pro, Pro H, Max…

            • @mike82:

              So many names, so confusing: 2, 2S, 2H, 3, 3H, Pro, Pro H, Max…

              It's actually Max+ now lol

  • +1

    Bought the 3H. OP the link title for the non pro scooter has pro in the name, should change that.

    • Done that, thanks.

  • +4

    Any deals on dehumidifier?

  • Would these be effective at reducing cat litter odour?

    • +1

      Try the bentonite clay from Aldi. Works really well at trapping odours, but, of course, it helps to scoop out the poop and change the rest fairly frequently. I top mine up with the clay to cover spots and change it completely every four to seven days (depending). Gets quite heavy though, but my cat is elderly and was just diagnosed with kidney disease and has been peeing quite a lot.

    • +1

      you have to remove the source of the odour first, so for pet odour i think you just have to live with it, for other odour, you need to buy the “green” filter. The blue standard one that came with it doesnt remove the smell that well.

  • +1

    Are these products covered under Australian Consumer Law?

    • -1

      12 Months Warranty.

      • +2

        So it’s not covered by ACL? Then that’s a concern.

  • +1

    How do you guys use these? Run them in your bedroom before bed? Run them before you get home? Run them 24/7?

    • Bedroom depends on your need you can do 24/7 will cost you ~$40

    • +1

      We run ours in our bedroom on a schedule, from 10pm-6am every day. I also tend to bring it in the kitchen occasionally to help clean out the cooking smells.

  • whats the difference between 3h and pro??

    • pro can use for bigger space, around 60m2.

  • +1

    wish the scooter was legal in nsw. any chance of stocking the new qicycles (20" wheels?)

  • 3H is out of stock! Any new stock soon?

  • Yep I'm keen to grab a 3H if any more stock is available?

  • Is Pro international version or Chinese version?

    • International version.

    • Is there any difference other than UI language?

  • Damn missed out on the 3H

  • +2

    any deal for Humidifier

  • Any chance of restocking the 3H?

  • +1

    Does the Pro have / come with a HEPA filter?

    EDIT: found answer here. Doesn't come with HEPA but is compatible with HEPA: https://www.mi-store.com.au/which-xiaomi-air-purifier-is-bes…

  • Any restock on the 3H?

  • -1

    xiaomi bidet?

  • Would also be interested in a restock of the 3H…

  • would be keen for a dehumidifier as well..

  • Anymore stock of 3h?

  • +1

    That's a really good price for the M365 Pro. I don't remember seeing it below $700 before.

  • If you have a terrible oven, or cook these purpurs suck it all up.

  • +5

    OP, any restock of the 3H on the horizon?

    • +1

      Would love to know this too

      • one more

  • Anyone have any experience with the 360 S7? Better/worse than the Xiaomi/Roborock ones? E.g. S5 max / S6

  • How come no one is talking about the Air Purifier Pro which is more premium than the 3H?
    Do you guys think it's not worth the extra money and recommend to just go with the lower specced 3H?

    • No it's not. The 3h is built with later technology. Pro is for larger space. 3h has the true HEPA technology while the pro does not.

  • Is the $699 scooter M365 Pro?

  • Received the 3H. Has a Xiaomi European/Asian plug (type c) in the purifier itself. Inside the box is Australian plug (type h). Model AC-M6-SC / SKU: FJY4031GL

    • I am unable to get the purifier to connect to the Mi Home app - have you been able to get it to work?

      Actually got it working….had to connect to air purifier wifi first, then open the app (force stopped it, then opened after being on the air purifier wifi)
      Now it detects straight away

  • 3H arrived today. Fast delivery, Aussie plug, excellent price. Thanks Op, very happy.

  • Mine arrived today. For those unable to connect to the Mi Home app make sure your server region is set to Australia not China Mainland.

    • Crap, that means i have to switch back and forth just to see the purifer and back for other devices.

      That suxs.

  • Still waiting for some new stock to magically appear……

  • How come the air purifier pro is coming up $399.95 for me? Deal expired?

    • should be $289.95, please check again.

  • Received. Works perfectly!

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