Samsung Galaxy S9 Vs A31

I picked up a new A31 for 229 from last weeks deal. I currently have a S9 with a cracked screen, I am debating whether to fix S9 and sell the A31 or just keep the A31. I am fed up with the edge screen and lack of protection and I like the large battery on the A31.

Just looking for some feedback from you guys or maybe you can suggest another alternative, i want a good battery / NFC.



    Sell the S9 on Gumtree & keep the A31. It has the specs that you want.


    So hard to live with a phone without wireless charging… for that reason alone, I'd fix S9 but maybe that's not important to you. Also, a better CPU on S9 is important.

    A31 seems decent and the battery has a higher capacity. I don't know if that translates in much better standby time considering the screen would be using a bit more juice. Just use a phone comparison site to look at specs side by side and decide what's important to you. Like this one

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      I love the S9 but the battery isn't the best and I'm just fed up with breaking Edge phones :( Maybe i can see both and get something a bit better with no Edge, can you recommend anything ? I hear the realme are decent value ? WIreless charging is not a must for me.


        Got a S8 so I bet my battery is even worse. Phone looks awesome due to having a tampered glass screen protector and decent case (Spigen cant rembember exactly what it's called). The screen protector was replaced 3 times and I'm on my second case. Not bad for 3 years of use. As I said phone looks great because any knocks or bumps did not touch phone itself.

        I run with my phone so not keen on a replacement yet. Waiting till Xmas if it lasts that long. I've had some bizarre restarts so not sure it will.

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    I think you've already answered your own question mate ;-)
    If you hate the Edge due to durability then I would sell the S9 as is on ebay or gumtree @arthur dunger suggested.

    Or keep it as is and keep as a backup phone?

    Other suggestions: from my own experience, upgraded my old man with the Goggle Pixel 3A XL. It may have a slightly dated design with dem bezels & an older processor but I got it mainly cause of the camera, battery life is stella, screen itself isn't too bad, speakers good with a headphone jack and 2-3 years of software support guaranteed from Google. I got mine nearly new for a steal on ebay with receipt.

    Again depends on your budget, what features you look for (battery etc) and deal breakers (like the edge screen from your past experiences). Let me know and I can suggest some alternatives for ya.


      Thanks mate, awesome advice :)