What Is Your Monthly Internet Data Usage?

Hi everyone,

I recently switched ISP's and did it through my phone so I ended up with the app on my phone. I don't recall ever logging in with my previous provider so I never checked the data usage. I was frequently checking it this time around (since it was just a click away) and I was shocked at how much we ended up using.

Last month we had used over 9TB (upload and download). I was downloading more frequently this time around but I have a big online backup running nightly so it can't have impacted my usage too much. If I was being modest even without the frequent download I would guess that I used 5-7TB monthly before this.

This seems like a lot to me so I'm just wondering how much others are using.


  • Jw, what online service do you use for backup?

    • I use Backblaze Personal and Google Drive. Used to use CrashPlan but they don't like it if your backups exceed 10TB (but they are not bad if you think 10TB is plenty for you).

  • What's the point of referring to how much "we" used without establishing who "we" are?

    • Well I originally wrote "I" because it's mostly me using the data. It's a total of 3 people and the most demanding thing they might do is watch Netflix twice a week which probably has little impact on the usage compared to mine.

  • What do you download?

  • ~5TB/month on ABB with no issues whatsoever.

  • Beats my 120gb average

  • 300-500gb. But I don't watch netflix. Just youtube. I use Duplicacy for backup & run a web server.

  • 9Tb?! We've got 4 in the house, both WFH full time and kids are constantly streaming stuff. We are at 550Gb for the month with 3 days left on our billing cycle.

  • Family of 4. Kids on YouTube, online gaming and heavy Netflix and streaming users, some online backup (OneDrive, GoogleDrive, Dropbox). We’d average around 600gb month.

  • 9TB?



    You can stream 4K video 24/7 for the entire month and still only be half way there.

  • 500Gb for us. 2 kids and streaming and wfh.

  • 800gb - torrenting (downloading, seeding), youtube, plex, discord, steam

  • I’ve filled a 10TB hard drive in days, probably the only limit on the gigabit line was the rotation speed of the hard drive. I’d be the guy downloading 100+TB a month if I could. Believe me I’d be downloading the silly files like 500GB work print film scans, even just to watch once. As I buy faster hard drives over time I’ll also download a lot more over time, once I break free from that hardware limit.

  • And I thought my 1.5TB-2TB per month was alot. But they're all used up by me.

  • Month Upload Download
    February 22GB 190GB
    March 24GB 296GB
    April 33GB 443GB
    May 77GB 666GB
    June 25GB 443GB
    July 2GB 21GB

    AussieBB won't show before Feb for some reason although I've been with them for 2 years.

    I'd say this is 90% games updating and general downloading/browsing. 10% streaming 1080p.

  • Poll required

  • 20 GB

    Should have made a poll?

  • Sounds like it's badly configured backup config. You really want to be doing delta backups, not nightly fulls.

  • 500GB/month. Currently 4 adults (mostly social media with some Netflix, YouTube) and 2 young kids.

  • Wow we use about 840gb at home and I thought I was a heavy used lol (2 adults and 2 teens)

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    We are a family of 6 about to knock down our home and rebuild. We will be remaining on the property whilst the build takes place but will not have access to NBN in this time. I checked with our provider as to what our current usuage is and for the last 6 months we are sitting at between 1.2 & 1.8TB per month. Is this excessive? I feel I am sharing our internet with the neighbourhood (it is password protected) as it is so high. I wanted to get mobile broadband whilst we remain on site but obviously there are no plans this big.

    • That's a lot. I suspect someone is downloading / streaming a lot of 4K. Do you guys have 4K Netflix etc? Even intentionally downloading a lot of 4K I think I've only hit around 1TB a month, and usually it's half that or less.

      • Thank you - will look in to the 4K - I only pay for it - I wouldn't have a clue what is 4K or not :(

    • we do about 1T a month biggest killer was YouTube forcing HD video as default.

    • Haha, if you have games consoles, all your family watches Netflix on the PC, game updates, cheeky kids downloading torrents, etc etc etc I think that will come close. Especially in lockdown times.

    • Not really, 3 here and we use 700gb plus. Don't most family's have unlimited now anyway?

    • that seems a lot more it should have.
      do you have 4 teenagers living in the house?

      • No - 3 adults - one teen - plus an 11 & 8 year old. I can't for the life of me work out what it could be………….

        • That doesn't seem excessive to me as I do more than that alone but if you're concerned, there are apps like glasswire.com that can help you monitor usage if you want to get a bit techie.

          Otherwise, you can login to your modem/router and there'll be a tab somewhere that shows connected devices. You can then trace each one e.g. Moomt-iPhone, Moomt-son-Dell, Sony-PS4 etc and kick off the unknowns to troubleshoot what's left.

          • @Hybroid: Thank you Hybroid.

            Really - do you think so? Other people I have checked with come nowhere close but they have different aged kids etc. which I guess needs to be taken in to account.

            I think I might give the modem login in a try - not sure how to do this - would I contact my internet provider? I am definitely technically challenged.

            Wondering how we will survive on mobile broadband for 8 months when I think the highest you can get per month is 500gb………

            • @Moomt: I don't think it's too outrageous if you have 6 people spending most of their time sitting at home, streaming content, downloading games/movies etc. If anyone of them has downloaded latest Call of Duty for example, that's 200 GB already. Other games are getting to the 50-100GB a pop. Even mobile games are growing to couple GB in size so it adds up very quick.

              500GB will be tough. You will need to instill some focus on reducing usage and making clear not downloading anything large on the connection.

              If you have NBN and the standard Netcomm NF18ACV modem:

              • Go to: (your address may be different so check manual if doesn't work)
              • Log-in with admin/admin or admin/password as default (or any other you may have changed/says different in manual)
              • Click the different connections (Wireless 2.4GHz, Wireless 5 GHz and Wired Devices) to show you the list of connected devices.
              • Most will clearly say what they are (e.g. Moomt-iPhone) but some may not have identifiers.
              • You can click boot them off or click Edit and change settings to disconnect those unknown devices then slowly cross-check what's no longer online (e.g. TV Netflix suddenly doesnt work so you know it was one of them) etc.

              Bit of a faff but your only real free option to go through and answer your query. You may be surprised how many devices are actually connected with that many people. You all have phones, tablets, laptops, computers, TVs, consoles etc…