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30% off Storewide on Zoono Online


30% off storewide of Zoono products. Apparently their products are (mod: removed). I have bought some previously when they had 20% off.

Mod: Removed therapeutic claim. Reference

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  • Apparantly their products are effective to kill Covid-19 virus.

    In cats

    • Zoono Group Limited (ASX: ZNO) ASX ANNOUNCEMENT
      23rd March 2020
      Clarification and Update on COVID-19 Testing
      Further to the release of Zoono Group Limited (Company) (ASX: ZNO) made on the 28th February regarding successful testing against COVID-19 the company wishes to clarify the testing of Zoono Z-71 Microbe Shield was conducted on the COVID-19 Surrogate known as the Feline Coronavirus not the COVID-19 virus itself, the surrogate used is an accepted surrogate for COVID-19 and is tested in laboratories globally for this purpose.
      Zoono is pleased to advise that the Companies hand sanitiser has now also been tested against the COVID-19 surrogate Feline Coronavirus and has shown to be effective at >99.99%.
      This announcement has been authorised and approved for release to ASX by the Board of Zoono Group Limited.

      • Pretty sure they do this for a reason, likely to do with the bio-security/safety concerns for labs handling the human virus. It’s an acceptable practice that the TGA approves of.

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          The only reason its thought to apparently effective for covid-19 is that Zoono told the public their overpriced sanitizer products were tested to kill coronavirus, and only when questioned clarified it was a test on cats for a feline strain, by omission saying there’s nothing proven to think this is any better than far cheaper products in killing COVID-19 when looking at alcohol based sanitation.

          • @ozy: The key difference is the Zoono lasts on hands and is effective up to for 24hrs. Their surface disinfectant can last 30 days. This is a HUGE difference.

            I have this in our house and use the sanitiser daily.

          • @ozy: It wasn’t a test on cats lol.

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              @mickmac: @mickmac Actually, given the quick loss of the Active virus after death, testing only blood samples does not verify the findings, instead it was actually done on cats.
              This is common and part of most TGA/FDA accreditation and also irrelevant to my point.
              Anyone who thinks this is anymore effective in killing coronavirus than a bar of soap is an idiot.
              The company even admits it.
              I’m just helping inform the Ozbargain community with my negative vote and quoted information from the company to debunk the myth associated with this company’s overpriced product.

          • @ozy: Yep it’s widely accepted that Covid is easy to kill so this is over priced compared to soap and generic sanitiser.

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  • Theres some double talk going on, and that should warn you.

    They argue it kills pathogens for upto 24 hours, thats not the same as saying it protects against corona for 24hours even if it kills corona initially, which also may not be true. The z71 which the so called testing they claim says kills feline corona, is their surface product not the hand one, the hand version lables do not appear to mention z71, just the technology is the same.

    But you could look over the linked article for someones real world tests of Zoonos willingness to falsely claim extended (24hour) protections… she found Zoono that had 70% ethanol which also claimed 24 hour protections does not last long, and does not withstand rinsing anyway.

    The current offering is meant to be alcohol free, but her tests still go to the veracity of claims Zoono readily make, and they certainly have not done any long term protection tests for corona with either variant of their offerings.

    Meanwhile its inventor, is raking in millions (20 odd last I read) off his shares, he of course has no reason to lie to you.

    Increasingly, some dodgey health claims are coming from NZ, they have little to no credibility.

  • Former customer and investor, this company mislead consumers with false claims, got done by the TGA and wouldn't trust it with my health.

    For anyone wanting to use a certified cleaner that has the certifications? Aeris Active. Please research this product for your business or homes. Lasts up to 7 days and 200 touches which for me was the winner, compare the two and you'll come to your own verdict :)

    • All in AEI.AX

      • funnily enough, I did look at AEI - I'm really hoping I didn't miss the boat.
        I think there may be a lot to make from it. Stock is still low and I'm waiting on the tax return so I can go in with something decent.

    • Small time investor in zoono and aeris.

      Trying to find how zoono got done in by TGA. Aeris and Zoono surface sanitizers are listed on TGA as disinfectants for use against COVID-19 in the ARTG for legal supply in Australia.

      Article on smh mentions the rise of snake oil business of sanitisers since covid-19. In the same article, Zoono has made comment, but there is nothing saying that Zoono is not approved by TGA.


      • Yeah I'll find it and shoot it through! It was in regards to the claims of residual protection and killing covid-19 which they had not been authorised to go to market with and I had been using it in-store thinking we were 100% covered. That's my experience though, just sharing :)

    • So we shouldn't buy the product because you're no longer an investor in it.

      We should instead go and buy a similar competing product because you're about to invest in the company (or most likely already have)?

      • Think you've been extremely selective on what I've written in order to have a crack which is fairly disappointing as I don't see the purpose.

        Anyone/Everyone should be doing their own due diligence. I didn't initially do mine and am happy to share my experience… If my intention was to promote it? I assure you, I would do a better job in getting people on board.

        Maybe reread the comment pertaining to the encouragement of coming up to one's own verdict.

        Please research this product for your business or homes. Lasts up to 7 days and 200 touches which for me was the winner, compare the two and you'll come to your own verdict :)