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LEGO 42083 Technic Bugatti Chiron $479 (20% off RRP $599) @ Target


Get it while it's still available. This is essentially 20% off RRP guys.

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Target Australia
Target Australia

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    brought one, not missing out on this again. thanks OP!

  • frickin cool. if i had some spare change id grab that….

  • +2

    Sigh… Another day and another lego set purchased

    • +1

      Managed to snap up a Charger too. Trying to look at is as a buy the Bugatti, get the Charger free.

      • Sorry, which charger ?

        • Technic Fast & Furious Dom’s Dodge Charger 42111, was posted earlier today for $119 @ Amazon.

  • +1

    Thanks mate. Pulled the trigger.

  • Target had it for $399 last year December, so mot sure whether it's lowest price…

  • +1

    Cheapest has been 380 on Amazon as a reference point.

  • +1

    I’m gonna hold our for sub $400 again

  • Way too high even with gift cards , will be cheaper .

    • where do you get target GCs?

  • Could prob use the sign up get $10 off on this too

  • -2

    Basically free if you’re claiming $480 on your tax return if WFH from 1/3 - 30/6 (@80c/hour x 37.5h/w x 16 weeks)…

    • +6

      You deduct $480, you don't get $480 back.

      • I’m trying to help people justify their purchase 😅

        • +3

          Let us have our denial dammit!

  • +8

    my first real car was $475 :)

  • +4

    Need a deal on the Lamborghini Sian

    • Surely that will take a while? Feels like just seeing that in stock is a deal.

    • I would suggest waiting for a second release. Apparently there has been reports of missing bits and the green pieces have variance in the colour shading. shrugs people might be a being picky.

  • Such a sick car.

  • +2

    Hogwarts Castle also in stock at $499

    • Gone :( been wanting this for so long. Had it in the cart all the way to processing then went OOS.

      • $499 is a very very good price. Its about $600 on eBay now

  • Does it only come in one colour?

    • You can have it any colour you want as long as it is blue and black

      • Wow my options are endless 🤣

  • Combined with Suncorp 5% discount gift card to enjoy further discount.

    • Except you risk ending up with 479 bucks in gift card if target cancels your order. With so many online order cancellations, I'm not game risking it. I don't shop at target ever except for lego and 479 bucks is a huge amount to be left with

  • OOS now

  • I would buy any vehicle/space ship when they create a "Starcom Lego series"

    Power Deploy!

  • Ordered, but cancelled. Anyone else get a cancellation?

    • +1

      I JUST got a cancellation and ordered within 5 minutes of this post, sucks.

      • +1


  • Okay party is over guys. OOS.

  • Order just got cancelled. Annoying, purchased minutes of this post being up and it was shown as in stock for a fair time afterwards.

    • same, ordered it very early and still got cancelled.

    • Same, mine got cancelled too, I was fairly quick and it sucks.

    • Their inventory system must be trash

    • It is on Amazon for same price now

      • +1

        gogogo before it runs out again.

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