Purina Fancy Feast Cat Food Varieties 85g $0.65 @ Reject Shop


Went past reject shop and they had all these Fancy feast varieties for 65 cents with expiry until mid next year. Stock up on these delicious meals and surprise your cat with a different flavour every night!

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The Reject Shop
The Reject Shop


  • Can confirm they had these at carlingford (NSW)

  • Thx for this..
    cat sorted for next few months..
    Dee Why only has fish varieties left as i cleaned them out of chicken.. bloody fussy cat only eats that so saved some good coin..
    was told new labels coming so why price is gutsed on them. Should be few retailers dropping prices so worth checking around if no reject shop nearby

  • One of my cats has suddenly gone off this food and will only eat the "cod, sole and shrimp" pate lately.

    She's never been particularly fussy until a few weeks ago when she won't even touch any of the other flavours.

    Is it possible that Purina had a bad batch? Where'd the Reject Shop source them from?