Wireless Earbud Recommendations ~ $300

I've owned a pair of Jaybird X3s for about 2 years now and have finally managed to lose the charger. I like how they sound but have never been a fan of the design (hardware or software), especially the low battery callouts.

I'm pretty sensitive to bad EQ and was hoping for a recommendation for some true wireless earbuds with a similar sound signature, preferentially more on the flat side as jaybirds tend to be more heavy on the low end.



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    The X3's have a wire connecting the 2 buds together so if your looking for some TRUE wireless options with NO wires then i've got a few suggestions from my own personal experience.

    If that's the case: Do try

    • Mid tier: $170-200 Samsung Galaxy Buds Plus (IPX4 so workout friendly, pairs well and easily, good value, sound decent, battery is next level, similar flat EQ that you like but can be adjusted via the app, are comfy and provide a good seal, doesn't have ANC only passive from the seal, nice pill shaped case low profile, they look good in the ear as well) Got these from my S20 promo.

    • Mid/High tier: $250-280 Sony WF1000XM3 (No IP rating, good fit, battery is good, ANC is up there, sounds great, case a bit bulky compared to others but not too excessive & feels quality)

    • High End: $399-450 Sennheiser Momentum 2 (pricey, IPX 4 so workout friendly much improved version compared to the momentum 1, has excellent ANC, fit is good, customizable, nice casing, BEST sounding true WIRELESS earbuds I have had the enjoyment of listening to)

    Honourable mention:

    • $300-400 Apple Airpods PRO (very comfy, integrates well with Apple devices, sounds great, quality case, battery decent)

    Hope these suggestions help out!

    • Great!! thank you very much, I will look into these. and yes, id like to try and move to True Wireless :)

  • AirPods Pro

  • Earlier I owned Galaxy Buds plus but had some build quality issues and the repair center is not ready to acknowledge it, after persistent tries were able to fix it. Complete story here


    I did find the sound quality pretty good, switched from Sennheiser over the ear headphones and I always like the Sennheiser audio profile.

    Then I recently switched to Jabra Elite 75t and find it the best quality sound, good fit for my ears. Heavy bass which I'm not a fan, but can be easily tuned by the app's equalizer. Better microphone than Galaxy buds plus for calls.

    I don't have Sennheiser True wireless, so can't compare with that. Overall it's better in every way than Galaxy buds plus. Reddit thread has few issues listed regarding the quality issues, so far I don't face any, also it has a two-year warranty.

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    I'm pretty happy with the Samsung Buds, especially considering I paid $120 for them at Goodguys a month or so ago. So far can't really complain about them, quality is good, battery is good, fit is good. Highly recommended.

    I have Sony wh-1000xm3 or V-Moda Crossfades for when I want to really get a quality listening experience, but for the price and size the Buds are very competent. I've stopped using my Shure SE215s wireless since getting these as they are much more convienent being fully wireless and I generally use them for podcasts/audiobooks while working around the house, so having only have one in at a time is a very handy feature, swapping to the other side when the battery drains after about 4-5 hours.

    No build issues or quality issues with mine, they get used heavily (5 - 8 hours per day).

    If you can stretch it (you can with your budget) get the Buds+, extra driver, extra mic, bigger battery. I would have got them instead if I were paying full price for the Buds.

    Have heard great things about the Jabra Elite 75t, and they are good prices at the moment as well. Jabra are decent for the mic and audio quality, but can only go off what collegues say about them.

  • SoundPeat TrueCapsule, was around $30 from Amazon, decent fits- had abut 3 different sized tips, not bad battery - few hours batteries life.
    Connects every time I put them in, using iphone 8.

  • What kind of phone do you have?

    • pixel 2, upgrading this year but not sure to what yet. i bought the jabra active 75t. i was holding out for the pixel buds but still no word on aus release.

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