Quilton Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 30 Pack $20 ($18 S&S) + Delivery ($0 w/ Prime/ $39 Spend) @ Amazon AU


This 4 ply toilet paper is back in stock
Features & details
Made with our finest 4 Ply tissue for added strength, class leading absorbency, superior softness and the ultimate luxury
Silky, smooth and soft gentle embossed tissue that loves your bum
Proudly Australian owned, providing jobs for over 600 of our fellow Australians
Manufactured using FSC certified forest resources – your guarantee you are supporting forest sustainability for future generations
Lightly scented on the core not the tissue, 100% Biodegradable, flushable and septic safe for standard sewer and septic systems

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  • Price went up by about $7. There is still a lot of demand!

  • Vic going for another case load record today or still in denile?

    • Well, if you kept up with the news even vaguely you'd know we're back into stage three tomorrow. But hey, why bother when ignorance is bliss?

      Also, *denial

      • back into stage three

        Best of luck. Going by a lot of OzB commentary the last few months, I'm not too sure if any Vic took part in stage 1.

        Also, *denile

        • Yes, well, OzBargain commentary is not a sensible place to get much information at all, because plenty did the right thing.

          • @mickeyjuiceman:

            OzBargain commentary is not a sensible place to get much information

            I wouldn't crap all over Ozbargain - there's a lot of good info here from a wide cross section of people. BS headlines & are stamped out pretty quick. I'd probably watch mainstream news if it was ran half as good as this.

            plenty did the right thing.

            Covid stats suggest otherwise. "Plenty" aren't doing the right thing with another whopping 118 cases today.

            Let's hope the lockdown helps & starts getting those numbers under control.

        • Most of Victoria DID take part in stage 1, one portion of the ethnic demographic didn't though. Here we are.

          • @Ripped: religious festivities do bring families together.

          • @Ripped:

            one portion of the ethnic demographic didn't though

            How Victorian & racist of you.

            Let's take a quick look at the headlines for the last week & see wtf you've actually been doing:

            • Victorian father arrested at NSW border checkpoint told police 'COVID is fake', court hears
            • Tens of thousands of Victorians have been dobbing in their neighbours, friends or bosses for breaching coronavirus rules, new data reveals.
            • An illegal party in Melbourne on Sunday night ended with 15 guests being slapped with a $1652 fine, Chief Commissioner Shane Patton has revealed.
            • KFC birthday party in Melbourne costs $26,000 in Covid-19 fines after police track order
            • Victoria Police issue 60 fines for breaches of stage three restrictions,
            • The Victoria Police Sex Industry Coordination Unit issued fines to four people found in an apartment in Glen Waverley.
            • A couple from Docklands who tried to visit their holiday house on Phillip Island at 1:30am on Friday were also fined.
            • Ten people in an apartment in La Trobe Street, Docklands. Five of those people were also arrested in relation to criminal damage, assault and breach of bail offences
            • Seven people caught in an apartment in a building on Sutherland Street, Melbourne who were drinking together. Five fines were issued and a further two are expected to be issued at a later date
            • A man is behind bars for allegedly breaching COVID-19 quarantine requirements in SA after entering from Victoria just hours before a hard closure came into effect.
            • SA Limestone Coast Police yesterday detected two men having entered South Australia from Victoria who had breached the new border crossing requirements.
            • @Zandz: When the biggest hot spot points to a Muslim school, the writing is on the wall. Did all Muslims break the rules? No. But many, many families DID.

              The origin of the 2nd outbreak originated in Melbourne's greatest % of Muslim suburbs. I'm not saying they all did the wrong, thing. Just as many other people did break the rules. Culture is no excuse to ignore the rules.

  • I think the S & S will be removed .
    Surely Amazon is aware of the demand .

  • This is normal high price according to camel.

    • Put in 3 rd parties for the full picture and it get no where near this price .
      Add the inconvenience of chasing TP at empty stores , not adding if in Vic going out into the war zone makes this a bargain if short .
      Its bulky as well making delivery worth more than normal goods that people don't seem to consider .

      Just over 20% more weight and can order 5 $18.45 S&S https://www.amazon.com.au/Quilton-Double-Length-Toilet-Tissu...

      • except Amazon regularly cancel orders or take 2 months to fulfil. Cant be so bad that you can't find loo paper at 44c a roll at Coles or woolies?

  • 20 pack of Quilton King Size 4ply (Gold) and 25% larger is $12 everyday at Coles. That equates to $18 for 30 rolls of Quilton 4ply - and you get King size as well. So I can't see 30 pack of Quilton 4ply being much of a deal for $20…. unless you want it delivered and you are a Prime member


    • But the small print shows Coles' version is only 120 sheets per roll (and King size) vs 140 sheets on Amazon offer. Amazon's offer still doesn't appear to be much of a bargain either way

    • /wcsstore/Coles-CAS/images/3/0/5/3055202.jpg
      Quilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet TissueQuilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 20 pack everyday product
      This product is temporarily unavailable
      $ 12 .00
      20 pack Unit Price$0.50 per 100Ea
      Temporarily unavailable
      View alternatives forQuilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 20 pack everyday product

      Whole point is availability , some people just don't get it !

      • @popsiee I get it…. but it doesn't show as temporarily unavailable to me - otherwise I wouldn't have posted!! I'm in WA so might be different here…????

        Quilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet TissueQuilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 20 pack everyday product
        $ 12 .00
        20 pack Unit Price$0.50 per 100Ea
        Add Add1 Quilton King Size Gold 4 Ply Toilet Tissue 20 pack everyday productfor $12.00

        • A bit of checking and it appears be available in Sydney, Adelaide, Hobart and Perth and temporarily unavailable in Sydney, Brisbane and Darwin. YMMV!
          Besides, it is also about pricing and whether a bargain or not. This is Ozbargain, not Ozavailability so my comments were about whether posted item is a bargain or not. Just because it is available doesn't make it a bargain. Conversely a bargain is hardly a bargain if you can never actually buy it. I get it - but not sure you really do!

          • @bean_counter: There should be a requirement for negative votes to be explained. Too easy for negative people to do negative votes without any need to justify…. and to also hide behind anonymity. I understand the latter overcomes a barrier for some people to engage - but negative voters should still be required to comment/justify their negative view and they could do so without Ozbargain showing their username.

          • @bean_counter: My bad… unavailable in Melbourne (not Sydney) PS actual city store rather than every store in the respective cities.

    • prime is the sweetener , without it many deals wouldn’t get posted if under $49 when free postage usually often kicks in if not a prime member

  • Just not interested in this anymore since getting a decent bidet seat.

    The warm water is like a maidens kiss on the ol' balloon knot compared to scratchy bogroll……especially for the tougher jobs…

    • I love my bidet seat but what do you use to dry your behind or do you just let your clothes take the wetness.

      I can see a towel maybe being an idea but reusing the same towel over and over again to dry your wet areas can't be good unless you launder your towel like every few days or something.

  • Price gouging assholes.

    Starting to hate Amazon.

    • Don't blame Amazon, blame the minority of hoarders.

      • Doesn't mean Amazon need to do a $7 price increase when prices haven't gone up.

        That's price gouging, they know people want it so they jack the prices.. you know jack?

        • it’s actually the seller that price jack, this isn’t sold by and fulfilled by amazon.
          people want to make money and live nice life styles, sellers are not there as non profits.

          • @garage sale: Then those sellers are assholes and make little fan base whilst doing that.

            Screw Amazon.. honestly when was the last time Amazon put a sale which excludes price matching? Never! All they have are web crawlers which scan the internet matching prices trying to make a one stop shop. When the competitors close or stop offering the sales then Amazon will be just like Jack again.

    • Totally agree.
      Just last week or two it was $13.75

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