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24 x Purina Fancy Feast Classic Recipes Cat Food Grilled Salmon Feast In Gravy 85g $9.99 + Delivery @ Catch


For those who missed out on Amazon backorder. In stock and option for paid pick up at Target stores.

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  • shopback have 10% between 7pm-10pm

  • Shipping kills it.

    • Unless you have Club Catch.

      Wish i had a cat so I could buy this :(

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        I don't have a cat ether . lunches, dinners.it is covid19.

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    Heard this thing is actually bad for cats

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      Definitely bad.
      It's like eating a large big Mac meal for dinner every night.

      Not bad for an occasional treat. Once every fortnight.

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        What is better?

        • Fancy feast is not the worst food you could be feeding your cat (think Whiskas).
          Ingredient quality is poor with Purina and the products have had multiple recalls over the years. Extremely low taurine levels for a cat - incredibly important for feline vision and overall health.

          Wet food is miles better than kibble, so at least your ahead in that regard (dry kibble is usually full of vegetables and grains [fillers] which are nutritionally deficient for a cat).

          One of my cats ended up with a UTI infection from eating Purina (years ago) and was advised by the vet to stay away. Best foods are those with meat products as the first few ingredients. I use Royal Canine Vet diet for the cat that had the serious UTI and alternate between Wellness Core, Black Hawk & Cats in the Kitchen depending on which are on sale at the time.

          Also, a further sign of a healthy cat is the shine of its coat, which only occurred once I transitioned away from Purina.

          If you love your pet and are on a budget, continue with Purina, but be warned you could end up spending considerably more in vet fees in the future, or get better quality food for your beloved pet.

          The same goes for dogs. Ultimately, you are what you eat, and animals are no different.

          • @Suspect420: Interestingly Whiskas came out as one of the best value for money cat foods (wet food that is).

            • @milesandbos: I use fussy cat grain free.. the contents appear to be shorter and don’t include grains and things

        • Please consider adding some water to wet food - approx. 30ml.

          • @Suspect420: A re you talking about Whiskas dry or wet or both?

  • Looks like price has gone down further to $9.99.

  • It is gone up to$24.