Dyson V11 Absolute Extra

My old Dyson stick broke down earlier today with comedic timing, given that it's only been a week since all the EOFY Dyson sales.

I'm looking to get the newer model Dyson V11 Absolute Extra but can't see any deals around.
In the absence of any deals, does anyone known when they're likely to go on special next?



  • Also keen for this !

  • I’ve been waiting for a good deal on a Dyson Stick for months, haven’t seen anything in ages. Not much came up in EOFY either.

  • I'm after the V11 Outsize Pro…

    I can dream.

  • Your best bet would be from BingLee or the Good Guys during an eBay 15% off sale

  • May not necessarily qualify for a deal but we got ours for 10% off RRP just by asking nicely at TGG. Better than nothing. We waited for quite a while since it’s launch and have not come across any proper discounts so far

  • They told me on the phone that they’d give 15% off even on these for previous owners. Which brings it down to $1050 or something. Steal?

  • Good Guys have $129 off the new model today only with DEALS10 code

  • Hey guys. Apparently if you go through Dyson directly. Tell them you’re a returning customer with an older model they I’ll offer you 15-20% off. YMMV

  • I got Dyson V11 outsize for $1100 at TGG.. Called dyson as previous owner but the 15% of returning customer is on all vaccum except for V11's