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[PC] Free - The Cycle: Rogue Starter Pack (Valued at US$40) @ Epic Games


Scroll down the page to pick up the free starter pack.

This free, time-limited starter pack includes the exclusive Rogue Thrill-Seeker Prospector, the Dark Horse Ride, Veterans Memento Melee Weapon and Netconnector Weapon Skin

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  • This is a good fun free to play battle royale game with a Borderlands feel to it. If you haven't tried it before I recommend giving it a try. They've been trying to monetize it like Fortnite, with season passes, skins and accessories, but the gameplay is so fast paced and the environment so vibrant, I gotta say I've never really cared much for what the players look like.

  • Great game. Been playing it nonstop since maybe a month ago.

    Also, no way this skin pack is worth $40, definitely just there for the marketing. Still, reckon you give the game a try.

    • Here's a code for the "exclusive Intel Skin (boots, gloves and a chest plate - $18 Value)!" that I got with a CPU purchase: TZJB6-WYP38-6NXR7-G6LXK

  • I am an old school CS gamer, really don't get this Battle Royale stuff (really want to say the other 's')… neg and headshot me away ;p

    • You might like Valorant

    • Isn't Battle Royale just a 'last man standing' type of game, round based death match, similar to CS but without the teams?

      CS is just a copy of Quake's Clan Arena which is what I played to death.

    • This isn't exactly a Battle Royale. This is a PvEvP game, the goal in which you have to complete as many contracts to gain the most points. Killing other players gives very small amount of points and takes away valuable time doing contracts, but it is valuable when it means you can contest or steal a contract from them.

      So yes, there are PvP elements, but it's not killing for killing's sake, it's killing for a reason, that reason being getting a contract done for yourself than for someone else.

    • CS is too modern and complicated for me, I prefer wolf3d, doom, and duke3d

  • Looks good, I'll give it a try. Solo PvE player here; it looks a bit like Warframe, Destiny and Borderlands from the previews.

  • If anyone has trouble getting past the tutorial here is a quick fix cause it isnt fixed yet

    Quickly clicking "No" after accepting EULA fixed for me.

    First thing you have to do is accept the EULA then quickly after that a small window pops up asking to autodetect graphics settings. If you're fast enough and click no it seems to make everything work properly. I hope this helps

    • yep noticed that.. was stuck on the splash screen

    • I guess if I wanted to bother I'd have to play this on a crappier PC because there's no way I'm going to be that quick. (Edit: Got in somehow but I've done that tutorial 4 times now and I have lost interest in the damn game.) Perpetual early access or not, I guess I have better things to do than deal with this kind of broken crap right from moment one.

      This is the kind of crap that makes me reluctant to spend a single cent on games anymore. I'm glad this one was free.

  • I just downloaded this game, will give it a go. Thanks!

  • Make sure after you've downloaded the game, to also grab the skin pack. It's not a combo

  • I somehow got this in early February, but it wasn't advertised on here at the time?