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Home Gym Resistance Bands Set £6.70 (~A$12) @ Bold Bands


75% OFF with Coupon Code AUS75OFF.
With VIC in full lock-down now might be the best time to grab a set!

I have around about 50 left of 200 resistance bands sets in Western Australia.

I am looking to focus on my international sales only so this is the last of my stock.
(I am losing money on these but I wish to finish selling in Australia)

If you want a workout guide I am happy to provide you with a pdf to our Boldbands workout guide.

Please don't be alarmed when it asks you to check out in GBP, I warehouse mainly in the UK.
The product still converts to $12 if you use the coupon code AUS75OFF

Follow us @:
IG: bold.bands
FB: boldBandsofficial

If you appreciate this deal we would love to hear from you when you receive your bands :)
Please also post if you are pleased with previous sets!

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  • £2.65 shipping so $17-18 total?

  • Purchased last week from ebay for around ~$25. This is the cheapest deal.

  • https://uk.trustpilot.com/review/bold-bands.co.uk

    1.7 / 5 rating on trustpilot UK. Helped my decision.

    • hmm, i just bought one for my brother in-law, he has shoulder issues. I figured see what happens and if not, Paypal hopefully cover it.


        You wont have any issues.
        The ratings are from international sales we had with a dodgy supplier.

    • Going to be $2 next time we see his post.

      user: nfusion's post on the first link is also a red flag…
      "I have a set of these and they are terrible. Do NOT buy. They have a weird spunky like feeling to them and IMHO does not live up to the resistance rating. I have another expensive set and completely different experience."


        and be in the negative when I ship them?
        you do know it costs about $9 to ship them right?
        Nfusion never bought from us, he was saying he had a similar set.
        Not one person has had issues with our sets in Aus and now close to selling 500 of them.


        nfusion on 13/05/2020 - 19:25
        +3 votes
        I didn't buy mine from OP so I can say exactly the same. But mine are unbranded and comes with all the same pieces and colours that OP is selling, along with tonnes of others per examples other people have shown, right now. So I would be pretty confident Ops and other sellers are from similar source and would never recommend any that resembles this kit to anyone.

    • Umm.. not sure try or not.

    • I just read reviews…i feel like a mistake has been made :|

    • Hopefully this deal isn't shipping out the last of the dodgy product mentioned in those reviews.

      I just ordered too, hopefully they're not risking the living hell that happens in Australia for companies shipping unsafe products. Knowingly doing so opens up all kinds of ACCC pain and lawsuit liability though. So for $12 I'll take a risk but test the strength first.


        I have sold almost 500 of these in Australia and so far (touch wood) not had one person contact me or write a review with issues.

        Those reviews are from a bad batch sold through a dodgy supplier, who I am currently in a bit of a legal battle with.

    • Thanks for helped me avoiding the trouble.

    • Crammed on 27/06/2020 - 17:24
      +1 vote
      Bought a set. I appreciate the sellers apparent honesty with the poor reviews. I was looking for something like this and what the heck, why not??


      Oh, you're from the UK?
      This is for Australia, what are you doing on Ozbargain?

  • I purchased at AU$35.. :-(

  • OP mentioned that he wished to finish selling in Australia, but the stock goes to 200 from 120.

  • anyone who bought this from last sale? any feedback?


      Hoping to see some of these results soon.
      Though not going to matter because literally only have a few left to sell now.

    • Arrived yesterday, and I haven't used them, but they look fine and were well-packaged.

  • @Weavo: Obviously a few unhappy people here. Can you confirm:

    • Is your stock is local. Delivery should be under a week to capital cities.
    • 30 day money back guarantee still applies here?
    • How long is the warranty period (if there is a fault with the product)?

    Can you comment on this image - There appears to be a significant difference between them:

    • +4 votes

      A) Yes our stock is local in WA, hence i've said I wish to stop selling in Australia. Typically the packages arrive to most capital cities within 7 days
      B) Yes I do offer this.
      C) I don't offer a particular warranty on them but I am reasonable and will work with you if something happens beyond the 30 days.

      D) What is there to comment? You're comparing a $20 set vs an $150 set? The resistance comparatively might be more accurate on the long term set but these are a great bang for buck! Especially those who use them during lockdown, finishing exercises, stretching or travelling.
      If you're a hardcore gym'er that wants a set to use regularly for years, then investing in a $150+ set is warranted.

      • A) Good
        B) Good
        C) Please check out this page. I think you'll have to provide something if the good are found to be faulty or not as described. If you HAVE to provide a consumer guarantee, may as well as use it as a formal warranty for marketing anyway.
        D) This is a fair point, I opened a bunch of links from the other threads and didn't realise the cost difference.


  • If these are the same as the last sale I've been using them the past couple days and so far they seem solid. Haven't noticed and degradation in the habkdes or anything. So far so good.

  • Thank you OP.Good deal

    Where can I download the pdf of the boldband workout guide please?

  • Were cheaper on Ebay last time I looked (link in his previous deal), terrible company reviews on trustpilot, Lots of red flags as mentioned on previous deals from others. Hope he sells them so we can stop seeing this “deal”.

    • +2 votes

      You really have something against me don't you? Every single post you're so negative.

      How about look at the reviews on my previous threads for Australian sales instead of International sales?

      CouponCrazy on 28/06/2020 - 20:16
      +2 votes
      Ordered before. Shipping time normal and quality better than some other online stores

      ozisaver on 28/06/2020 - 21:32
      +1 vote
      Wow, Doesn’t seem to much love for theses guys. I previously bought one of these sets. Dunno if I’m just one of the lucky ones but my product was fine. I’m back at my local gym now but used them for weeks while my gym was closed. I didn’t have any quality issues either. Like many of the deals on ozbargain I just pulled the trigger and ordered a set. If the shipping takes a bit longer so be it. Tbh it seems that the OP just had a bad batch one time with a supplier that messed him around. Unfortunately it’s always harder to get good reviews than bad ones

      ashoz85 17 min ago
      +1 vote
      If these are the same as the last sale I've been using them the past couple days and so far they seem solid. Haven't noticed and degradation in the habkdes or anything. So far so good.
      ashoz85 13 min agonew
      +2 votes
      Just grabbed another set to gift to my brother actually. :)

      mickeyjuiceman 24 min ago
      Arrived yesterday, and I haven't used them, but they look fine and were well-packaged.

      • Nothing against you, however the 3 positive reviews above (I’ll not count the last one as he hasn’t Actually used them Yet) doesn’t really compare to the 121 “bad” (I.e 1 star) reviews on trustpilot our if the total 146. Whether overseas or not we have no proof to the quality on offer and they are available elsewhere, within Australia, for cheaper. Simple facts.

        At best you have an inflated original price to bring it down to a reasonable price after the discount. At worse these are the same quality as the reviews on trustpilot.

        Congrats on selling them, hopefully the end of the deals now.


        You really have something against me don't you?

        Yep this is Ozbargain say you're stock is in Perth why do you sell in £uk?

  • For this price why not. Great when coming off an injury.

  • Are these ethical products? Where were they mad eand by whom?

  • +1 vote

    Any left? And can I pick up?

  • Also on Amazon strange but the connectors are a bit diff

  • Ask on website for exercise pdf but no reply so far. Can you send me the link to download pdf or something? Can't find anything useful online

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