Kogan Office Chair, issue with adjusting height. DOA?

Hi all,

Bought a computer chair from Kogan (1st purchase from them) for a pretty penny ($400).
Really excited about it, and when assembling was happy with the weight of the unit and the material. But then noticed the chair did not stay locked at a set hight. Any weight made the seat drop.
I assume this means the piston is stuffed - which would make the chair DOA (?!).
The literature that came with the chair is woefully inadequate for any troubleshooting, as it doesn't contain anything save for the instructions to assemble the unit. No phone number to call etc…

Just wondering what to do now?
I've only seen contact with Kogan via raising a query. Also, if a replacement or refund is the go, this means I'll have to somehow rip the parts away from one another (they are really stuck together) and somehow put it all back in the box it came in for Aus Post to collect (?!)

Any help / guidance appreciated.

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  • Won't Stay up!

    Just wondering what to do now?


    • Point taken. Great quick response.
      Title amended.

    • I was going to reply does it have a little blue button ;)

      Seriously though… Take a video of the issue and send it through to Kogan. Then just wait. You might be asked to send it back but the ACCC will help with that if they are being unreasonable (i.e making you drag it to aus post and boxing it up)

      • That's what I'm afraid of: being stuck waiting and then being asked to repackage it to send it in. Then wait for assessment etc…
        In the meantime, I'm stuck with a defective chair, and I need to sit down on computer and work (recently moved so minimal furniture/ no chairs)

        • Hopefully they can offer something reasonable like sending you a new chair and you send the broken one back at the same time. Otherwise, maybe check gumtree and see if you can grab something temporary for free/cheap.

      • the ACCC will help with that

        Er no they won't.

  • That's what she said.

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    Not helpful now at all but… why would you buy a $400 chair from Kogan?

    • Fair question, as I'd be thinking the same thing.
      I previously purchased a full mesh chair from Costco US, and was amazed at how great it felt/was. Unfortunately haven't seen the same item here, so went looking for something similar.
      Came across the ergohuman, and decided $700 for a chair is insane. Looked around, went into Empire store and they had their store version full mesh for $500, but no stock for weeks. More digging online led me to Kogan having one very similar to the $700 ergohuman, but almost half price - also cheaper than the Empire one with less support. Decided to pull trigger…

  • https://www.accc.gov.au/consumers/consumer-rights-guarantees...
    The above link explains that if a product is impractical to return, the retailer must come and get it. I believe it would be reasonable to expect Kogan to organise someone to come and collect the chair since it is already assembled and basically impossible to disassemble.

  • I'll have to somehow rip the parts away from one another (they are really stuck together)

    What do you mean the parts are stuck together? If you assembled it you should be able to disassemble it and put it back in the box it came in. Office chairs don't have 100s of parts for assembly - it's normally the feet/rollers, piston and associated cover, chair seat/back and arms (if it has them). The only thing that may be non removable could be the rollers/feet depending on the locking mechanism they use, everything else you should be able to disassemble.

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    Just went through a warranty claim on a Buro chair from Staples (now Winc), thankfully it was a very easy process. They asked for photos of the issue, and sent out the replacement part within a week or so. Taking the base from stem is easy enough with a rubber mallet to break that initial seal. Once it moves a little, it can be wiggled loose.

    • Now I have to find a rubber mallet first, and then figure out what to do with it afterwards! Lol
      Glad you came away with easy fix

      • Yes, I know exactly what you mean about it being impossible. Kicking and screaming didn't work, but a few smashes from the mallet did it. Or try a hammer and smash a block of wood against the chair if you don't have a rubber mallet. I had to find a way, otherwise I would be sitting on a milk crate :)