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LASER Smart Wi-FI PLUG with Dual USB Charger $17.95 + $9.85 Delivery @ Laser


So you're sitting at home during lockdown and wish someone would get up to turn on the electric blanket, heater, coffee machine… Well, for LESS THAN $20, our smart plug will do just that for you! Simply setup the smart plug on your home wi-fi with your smartphone and connect your device to the plug. Better still, if you have a Google Assistant Speaker or Amazon Alexa, why not tell Google or Alexa to do it for you? "Hey Google, turn on the heater".

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  • What makes this different to a bunch of other smart plugs out there currently in the market?

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      This is more expensive.

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      Cheaper at Bing lee and still cheaper delivery

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    These are $17 delivered from Bing Lee Ebay if you have ebay plus

    Bing Lee Ebay

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      Thanks, got 2 from Bing Lee.

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      Thank you.Got it from ebay too.

    • Thanks, I finally found something to spend for my $10 credit.

  • I have a voucher appearing on my listing saying I have $10 off.. with eBay Plus, I got 2x for $24 + free shipping. shrug

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    Hey google! Burn down my house!

    “Ok, burning down house!”

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      “Playing Burning Down the House by Tom Jones on Amazon Prime”

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        Woah no love for Talking Heads?

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          People on their way to work say, “Baby, what did you expect?”

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    Does the USB ports stay on if you remotely turn off power to the plug? Or are they controlled separately?

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    I never really understand some of these suggestions. Unless someone has really old school tech, a coffee machine or newer style heaters wont just 'turn on' with the power switch on. Do people buy old school simple appliances to use with these kind of things?

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      need to tape the lever down on the kettle so its always on

      • Then it wont shut off once the water boils. Unless you set a timer to switch off the power again which does not sound ideal. More of a hazard than anything.

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      Yes, I bought an electric blanket recently and my choice was decided by a hard switch - so when powered up it turned on in the 3 position. This blanket + wifi switch = I'm pretty happy with a remotely controlled electric blanket that I can switch on/off with Alexa.

  • Just out of curiosity, do these switches use a lot of stand by power?

    • Wi-Fi ones will likely be around 1-2W.
      ZigBee/Z-Wave ones should be less than that.

  • anyone knows of a standalone smart plug with power monitoring that will turn itself off if specific power value is reached?

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      Assuming you want 100% standalone, I believe you could do it with an ESPhome flashed Tuya based plug with power monitoring (such as the Kogan ones) but you might need to get your hands dirty with custom configuration/programming.