Refund of Jetstar Credit Voucher

I was wondering if anyone of you were able to get a refund of their Jetstar credit voucher they got due to Covid 19. I can't travel any more and I piling up on my bills. Did live chat and they never gave any valid reason to why they could not refund, saying that we can't do it now and finally cutting me off when I said that wasn't good enough.

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  • Just email Gareth Evans the ceo at Jetstar , his pa will get back to you with a refund.

  • I found a refund request form on their website, filled it out and got a refund without talking to anyone.

  • Good luck.
    I wonder if Jetstar are paying any attention to the ACCC notice to QANTAS

    I also used the refund request form which automatically sent me a voucher (not what I asked for at all) and AskJess staff refuse to entertain any request for a refund.

    Thing that annoys me is that the emails I received From Jetstar made it sound like they were doing me a favour and that their ‘generous’ offer of a voucher was time limited I.e. I had to act before the month end of May. My flights were July. I thought I’d try the refund request (I.e cash, not a voucher) before their ‘deadline’.

    Had I done nothing, I now know the flight has been cancelled and a refund would have been issued. With this I feel they’ve intentionally misled customers like me to cancel their bookings prior to flights being cancelled by them in order to force a voucher rather than refund.

    I hope the ACCC are paying attention to Jetstar too.

  • According to the Jetstar terms and conditions - If Jetstar cancels your flight for operational reasons you are entitled to a refund but if they are unable to fly because of government restrictions then you are only entitled to a refund. Jetstar’s terms and conditions are different to Qantas’ so no point comparing the two despite the fact they are the same company.

  • I have flights booked for Japan in Dec, do you think I can request a refund or credit now or is it too early?

  • Jetstar cancelled my flights. The flight i paid for refunded although the flight i used my voucher (cancelled bali flight june) was only offered as a voucher credit.

    • edit: i have since requested to reschedule my flights which i was offered a voucher for and they were happy to reschedule flights at no fare difference nor any change fees. happy happy

  • so furious.

    because covid,understandably my flights MELB - to BKK return was cancelled. However, Jetstar only offered me a voucher for travel.
    Then I used that to buy 2 more flights and which were subsequently cancelled and now the email says that I can request a monetary refund (surprise surprise, with a pending class action against them for this).

    So I have tried to request mymoney, but they wont give it to me because I paid with a voucher. arghhhhh

  • Wasnt airlines offering status credits for them to hold onto credits and cash…