Is This Open Box Samsung Curved UWHD 34" Monitor on eBay Too Good to Be True? ($600)

Bought the Xiaomi 34" curved ultrawide for $636 from the Allphones deal on ebay, but noticed this one in my recommendations:

It's an open box Samsung CJ79 34" curved ultrawide with Thunderbolt for just under $600, albeit without a VESA stand, which isn't that expensive anyway. Listing says they're only box opened, not used before, and that faults are covered

staticice shows $1049 (albeit OOS) [], and on eBay even a refurb is $850.

Is this deal likely to be a scam cause it's so cheap? Stock is from Peakhurst, and although the store has a fine review score, it doesn't sell much else. I reverse searched the images and they're all unique according to Google.

Edit: I'm still able to cancel the Xiaomi order, so just open to opinions whether the Samsung would be worth it based on better specs vs. limited possibility for warranty claims/opened box


  • Looks legit at first glance, and PayPal and eBay will cover you if not.

  • It doesnt come with the stand and only 6months warranty so thats really the reason.

    • Yeah, understand that that would definitely knock prices down, but just seems odd that they'd mark it down that much given they say they're not used

  • "These Come with BRAND NEW HIGH Quality Adjustable Monitor Stands with Gas Strut Arms (3 Models to Choose From"
    "60 in stock"

    I'll say most likely these were bought for their business, but likely due to COVID and work from home they may no longer have an office (or just went belly up) and are now selling them to recoup costs. They might be brand new but the seller you're buying from doesn't have to give you the original invoice, and it may make making warranty claims difficult.

    Based on their sales history, they started off selling random homewares, turned to selling Office 365 vol. licenses (which I'm not sure is allowable in Microsoft's T&C's) in 2016 (their eBay ID was changed during that time to itsolutions343). Received a negative feedback on selling a Surface product with worn out battery. So yeah, they are definitely were some kind of business but are making extra money on the side selling unneeded equipment.

  • Isn't this somewhat oldish model ? I can see youtube reviews from late 2018.

  • so which is better, the xiaomi or this one?

    • I have had both 34 VA panels with and without quantum dot. Quantum dot makes VA panels a lot nicer :) have a Google.

  • Thanks op, bought 2. Great find ๐Ÿ‘

  • yeah i just grabbed one too thanks

  • update: was too good to be true. Just got a message from them saying they had the wrong model number. It is the cheaper non quantom dot c34h890 model. Cancelling.

    • Damn, that sucks. Thanks for guinea pigging it though. Weird that theyd make the listing so detailed but get the model wrong :(

      • yeah really sucks was looking forward to it! Already ordered a separate wall mount

  • Gah! Guess my 2 are going back :(

  • Ended up going with xiaomi hopefully it's a good upgrade over my lg 34"! Not a fan of 60hz, too much eye strain when using all day

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