Creality CR-10 V2 US$469 (~A$685) Delivered @ Banggood


Hi guys, was on the lookout for a replacement to my returned Monoprice mini 3d printer, and came across this sale at BangGood. Comes from the Australian warehouse, so quick postage, and I believe it's an all time low price for the V2. You can upgrade this printer to the V3 by swapping out the printhead to a titan printhead for about $80 also.

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  • What do you use this for?

  • Edit: made changes to original listing. BL touch not included, website is somewhat misleading.

  • I gotta ask. Why did you return the monoprice? I ask as I bought one recently when cheap on Amazon and was a bit of a disaster. I chose to sell it to a local fella who clearly knew better than I and advised it was missing a critical piece and had an issue with the heatmat. I never stood a chance!

    • It worked beautifully, but then the bowden tube popped out and I couldn't put it back in. I could have fixed it with some new parts, but why not use Amazon's return policy?

      • Sounds like you had better luck than I did!

      • How much did you print with it before that happened? I've printed about 70m worth of filament so far and it seems the mat on the plate is starting to delaminate, but that's about it…

        • I worked perfectly for PLA once I calibrated it, better than I expected. I did replace the bed material because I dented it when I peeled off a big print, but that was something like $5 a sheet.

          It was terrible for PETG, which in Australia, is required for outdoor use.

          • @Burnertoasty: for me 240 deg and setting the bed to 70 deg via Octoprint, and it is working well. A little stringing when I tried printing 5 finials at the same time.

    • My MP Mini is going great, fortunately!

      It’s an amazing piece of kit for the price if you don’t have one with quality control issues. Fingers crossed it stays that way for me.🤞🏻

  • So what's wrong with just the good ol anet at for half the price?

  • So I was about to say, go straight to the official Creality store because they always have the best price on their printers (which makes sense when you're buying straight from the manufacturer).

    But in this case, it works out close to $200 cheaper to go with Banggood. Great price!

  • Anyone else going through a lockdown trinamic phase?

    • Got an skr 1.4 with 2209s for my i3. Took about 2 months to arrive but the setup was okay once I got Marlon compiling.

      I'm struggling with bltouch though. The probe works but I just can't get bed leveling to work. I think my frame is racked and causing issues.

      • If you mean you can't get it to run the ABL test, that's probably linked to which socket you have it plugged into and what your firmware settings are.

        Also - depending on your settings, Auto Home turns off ABL - you might need to activate it in your machine's start-up code - lots of advice on Reddit and Facebook.

        • I had some issues with IO port on the SKR initially as it has a separate port for bltouch, but I got that sorted out. Now it probes okay on G29 and prints a mesh to console, but if I start a print afterwards it just doesn't seem to compensate for the bed height. Pretty sure I'm loading the mesh after home but I'll double check.

          I've tried bilinear and UBL but both with similar results. There are a few bug reports from people with similar issues but they usually end up getting closed off due to lack of information, so not sure if the reporter just worked out the issue for themselves.

          I've tried Marlin 2 stable and bugfix with similar results. Only had the probe for about two weeks now though so need to do more reading, but I noticed that my frame is not square so I'll fix that first.

          Marlin takes about 8 mins to build on my machine though so the build/test loop is a bit slow.

          I should mention that I've got the 3d touch (clone) not the bltouch too, so that might be contributing to the problem. The readings seem consistent though.

  • Could someone smarter than me tell me why this is twice the price of the Ender 3, and was the Ender 3 a good purchase for a first 3d printer? Will I quickly find myself upgrading?

    • +3 votes

      This is a big printer, 300x300x400 build area. Also has trinamic drivers which reduces motor noise considerably but not really needed (but it's nice to have). Ender 3 is a solid choice for 1st printer 👍

    • If you are just dipping your toes in the 3D water, the Ender 3 is a good starting point. If however you know you will continue because you have a friend with one etc etc… the 5 would be better. You can upgrade the Ender 3 with better electronics/extruder/hotend, but you are then getting closer to the other machine's price, but with a smaller bed.

  • You can upgrade this printer to the V3 by swapping out the printhead to a titan printhead for about $80 also.

    Please could you share link?
    Any other differences between v2 and v3? Can't seem to find v2 details on there creality site.


  • Doesn't this end up at the same price as creality website if it needs additional $ to upgrade to v3 and bltouch?

  • Another happy monoprice mini buyer here. Worked straight out of the box. Jammed once, easy enough to disassemble and put back together. 3 prints paid for both the printer and the filament. Couldnt be happier, though not a printing 'hobbyist' ..only print something that I need.. excellent machine for that with the last amazon deal. The bed is tiny and have only used PLA but splitting models to fit is simple enough and PLA works fine for my needs

    • I accidentally bought ABS for this printer, so I looked up some websites and there's info there to optimise out for abs.. It worked really well with the few mods I did

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