[PC] Steam - Final Fantasy VIII Rem. $13.47 (w HB Choice $12.12)/Oninaki $34.99 (w HB Choice $31.49) - Humble Bundle


All time lowest prices for these two games and even better prices if you have an active HB membership.

ONINAKI: https://www.humblebundle.com/store/oninaki


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  • Thanks OP, I got excited thinking it was FFVII but was instead FFVIII .. good find either way!

    • FFVIII is great. Never understood all the hate.

      • Don't get me wrong I think FFVIII is an amazing game but to me the storyline was better in FFVII.

        The chocobo racing was enjoyable and who doesn't hate Shinra?

      • Mainly disliked the magic drawing system. Got too tedious for me

  • I got my money's worth even when I paid full price at launch. Yes there's alot of hate for the remaster not being a remake, but IMO it has a lot of great QOL improvements and I enjoyed playing through again..

    … granted I'm only half way on disc 3 and haven't finished, but it was still a great story to play through.

  • Got me when i read the title Rem. (Thought its remake), good game love the ost

  • Thank op. This was the first ever FF game I played and loved it.

  • Ah… this brings back old memories! I wish they did more than just improving texture resolutions, all those polygon shapes are jarring.

  • Back to Obel lake I go.