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LEGO Ideas FRIENDS Central Perk 21319 $89.99 Delivered @ MYER eBay


Back in stock Lego Friends…

10 + stock… good luck guys

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    The only way this can be accurate is if it never goes out of print, re-run after re-run.

  • Just placed ordet. Thx

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    Is this the edition that comes with a Man bag?

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      It's you and I sexy…

  • dont forget cashback!

  • Oos

  • it was gone so fast

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      It's okay… Started selling at 11:38am and sold off at 1:46pm. We just need to be more proactive. LOL

  • OOS

  • Out of stock now… only last 15 mins

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    Is Rachel wearing one of THOSE TOPS 🤪

    • +1

      Imagine a lego "it's cold outside" top lol

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    Still available on the official MYER website with better Cashrewards rates.

    And why are people fighting for RRP Lego?

    • Because this set (and many others) are highly-sought after, due to their inherent popularity. Doesn't help too with factory closures stunting the supply chain for over ~5 months.

  • +3
  • Thanks for that. Nice!

  • Does it come with a canned laughter track?

  • If you prefer buying in store, there's one in Dubbo.

  • Out of stock everywhere now, sadly I missed this one. Really hope it comes back very keen for a set

  • But this is the RRP?

  • +1

    No Janice~NoDeal~

    • Not even if Ross had a super fake tan?

    • Where is marcel

  • Bought this set for my wife from Justbricks. Cost me considerably more, but at least they found me one, in the height of COVID, in time for her birthday.


    RRP doesn't matter if you can't find stock (even Lego site doesn't have it and lists it as hard to find). But good price for anyone who managed to get it in this deal.

    • if you were going to pay that you might as well try other places that were selling it at rrp or just over ie marketplace, ebay.
      or maybe people can just wait and not let capitalism take over

    • Prices at that store are ridiculous to say the least.

  • Wow, this is the new trend hahaha buying LEGO at RRP.

    • They are scalpers on Facebook who wants $130 and when you try to negotiate a lower price then tells you if can get it lower, he will buy them off you.

    • No problems you can have all the LEGO Movie 2 at 40% of RRP !

  • +1

    There were heaps of stock at Lego store in Bondi.

    • Any tree house ideas set?

      • Didn't see any at the Bondi store last Sunday.

  • Backstock now

  • Anyone know how quick Myer process their eBay sales?

  • Back in stock. 2 left on eBay

  • +1

    In stock again at Myer.com.au

  • OOS on ebay :(

    In stock on Myer's website

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