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15% off on All Beers + $5 Shipping @ Only Craft Beer



All beers with 15% discount using code OZBARGAIN15 at checkout


Shipping $5 Australia Wide per brewery

Discounted Beers excluded
We do not ship to Northern Territory

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  • No singles?

  • FYI.
    I can confirm that you can use the code even if you are not an ozbargain member. (Have a friend of a friend who is not a member)


      Hi, yes. The deal is only advertised in Oz bargain so only Oz Bargain members know about this deal. If you share it with your friend it is ok.

    • OK mate, it's not for you. The surge in growth is because people enjoy it and happy to pay. Sure some cost silly money but probably still not that silly compared to price some spend in a couple of hours to smash a few Great Northerns and bourbons in the pub plus taxi home.

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        Your spot on. I get ribbed for buying a 500ml can of XIPA(double IPA) for $12.99 from the same guys sitting at a pub knocking back Coopers pale ales for 7 bucks a glass.
        It's all relative isn't it.

        *Mind you some of the crafty IPA's out there are sugary rubbish.

      • Exactly. People assign their own values to things, and beer is just one of those things. I aim to try a different beer as often as I can, because finding something new and interesting is what I like. I don't have a beard, and i'm probably as far from a hipster as you can get.

        Horses for courses.

        • People can assign they're own value to things. Sure.
          Then there is the real value
          I'm asking for that.

          Spend 500 a glass on beer, I'll have one too, if it's worth it

          Whatever. Enjoy the beer

          Maybe they'll make a 200 dollar bottle so you can really enjoy it

  • I'm interested in giving it a try. So the orders ship direct from the brewery it seems? Which is good

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      Hi, yes all shipped directly from the brewery so it is fresh fresh beer. Enjoy

  • Some really expensive beers on here but thats Crafting some amazing flavours. I like that its direct from the breweries as lockdowns are happening all around us and makes it something special to do at home with a mate or two. Thanks for the discount, the Juice Box looks great and affordable for sampling a high % Hazy at home.

  • Oh no PayPal payment option :(

  • In terms of value balanced against flavour/strength my picks:
    - Catchment Vulture IPA at 5.8%, 24 *375ml for $76.83
    - Quakers Hat Red Rye IPA at 6%, 24 *375ml for $77.25

  • Any recommendations on a 12 pack or a mixed box? Relatively new to crafts but enjoying hazy IPA's, XPA's, fruity/tropical flavours, particularly passionfruit

    Hope that doesn't sound too nooby


      Hi @Bensonn94, there are several 12 packs quite interesting. If you like Tropical Ales, the JuiceBox (Hazy IPA) from Land and Sea is quite good. Six String Pale Ale is also a good choice. Check here all the 12 packs:https://www.onlycraftbeer.com.au/shop-by-type.html?pack_size=307. In regards Mix, the ones from Frenchies have a good rate, also the one from Urban Alley is interesting has it includes a little bit of everything, 7th Day Mix include XPA, Red IPA, Pale Ale and Pilsner (I have some of their beers today and they are amazing), Frexi has also a good Mix, 24 cans: XPA, IPA, Sour and Porter. Check the link: https://www.onlycraftbeer.com.au/shop-by-type/popular/mixed-...

      I hope you will enjoy one soon.

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