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[eBook] Free: "Python Programming for Beginners: The Ultimate Step-by-Step Guide" $0 @ Amazon AU (expired), US


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This book will go over:

• Why you should learn to program using python.
• The fundamentals of Python programming.
• The top 11 beginner tips for learning to program using python!
• How to download and install python.
• Python lists explained!
• Dictionaries in python.
• How YOU can become a programmer!
• What are the right certifications to become a programmer?
• Should you consider getting a degree?
• How to start with python.
• How you can use python for Data Science.
• How python can be used for machine learning.
• Python machine learning algorithms that YOU MUST learn!
• How to use python for web development.
• How to develop games using python.
• What are the benefits and drawbacks of learning to program using Python?
• How to analyze using pandas in python.
• A basic introduction to Data Frames and Series.
• How to use variables in python.
• Choosing a project platform.
• Plus, much more!

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  • One of the last things is, How to use variables in Python???

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      Of course, the standard python learning pipeline is: what is python > installing python > building a facial recognition ML model in tensorflow > what is a variable > how to print

  • Holy ****, it first discusses non-list non-dictionary variables in the Pandas chapter.

    I really wouldn't try to learn python programming from this. Grab a "for dummies" book or one that someone you trust recommends to you. This order of the chapters and the way they've chosen to string the story together looks awful in this book.

    Or, just follow some tutorials on youtube, like 98% of people do.

  • Not free anymore

  • US Amazon link is working still