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Training with Elastic (on-Demand) Now Free


Hey everyone,

First off, this is my very first post so apologies if it's not the way to do it but the company I work for- Elastic- has made a number of their on demand courses free. They're typically fundamental courses so great for those just getting started and include things like SIEM and Observability (logging, APM, metrics- infrastructure monitoring).

The underlying tech is open source Elasticsearch and is one of the top repositories on Github, powering so many of the sites and services you use everyday without even knowing it- for searching, centralising logs and improving security postures. Anyway, even though I work for them, I've seen the impact the tech is making and the prevalence of it amongst nearly every organisation so hoping this helps upskill anyone looking for work or just interested in learning new things to help their career or build something neat.


Good luck and all the best!

(Thanks for all the nice comments to everyone already, much appreciated and glad it's helping a few! These courses were originally $200 USD each, can't say if they'll stay free forever but give it a shot and reach out if you run into any issues)

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  • Thank you, will be checking this out.

    Have a +1 and welcome to OZB.

  • Thanks mate! Great first post.

    I've always wanted to learn and implement the elastic stack and add it to my skills.

    Welcome to OzBargain!

    • +1 vote

      Thanks Geoff! I appreciate the kind words. Good to hear you're familiar with the Elastic Stack itself (Previously ELK stack). Anytime I can help, give me a shout. Hope you enjoy the courses and they help.

      All the best!

  • The offer gives 15 days of free access to this self-paced, on-demand course?

    • I believe it's a rolling 15 days to complete? I'd have to confirm but give it a shot whilst it's free and reach out if you can't get access again.

      Good luck!

  • Nice, Thanks OP. I was after some training materials for elasticsearch, hopefully this helps!

    • You're most welcome. Hope it does help indeed as they're fundamentals but keen to hear feedback and if it can be improved to help you further :) Else feel free to join one of the instructor lead ones we occasionally hold. These I've heard are a good starting point though.

      All the best!

  • Thank you OP. Time for a refresher. Only today I were stuck on shard allocation issue ;), old training notes came handy.

    I wish they would have made their admin course for elasticsearch free. The courses free are those which comes as paid components to complement elasticsearch. Still cannot fault anything for free.

    • Great to hear :) we're starting to hold some 'coffee sessions' with Q&A where you can ask tech questions like this. Else feel free to submit a forum ticket if you're not already a customer.

      Thanks for the feedback on the admin course too, I'll feed it up the chain. Agreed some components being taught may contain paid components but gives you a taste of what's possible. Also remember we have a basic (free) license that gives some good features free which were once paid-particularly some security stuff. Else cheapest way may be via our SaaS but not here to promote anything like that :)

      All the best!

  • Thanks for this, we use the ELK stack here at work so this will be super useful for me!

    • Pleasure! Hope it's helpful for you and amongst everyone at your company :) great for those in Ops, sys admins, infra teams and security teams. Gives flexibility and opportunity to apply the same tech skills in different areas. If I can help with anything else let me know.

  • Good stuff. Will pick a few topics and look into it.

    OP must know a Barry in your Org (SYD)?

    • +1 vote

      For sure and if yourself or anyone want an instructor lead hands on workshop, feel free to connect/shoot me a note. We run a few of these every few weeks (also free but limited).

      Barry M.? Absolutely, he joined as our Customer Success Manager for ANZ after being at Mulesoft for several years. Honestly probably one of the best guys in our org and truly gets our customers everything they need once signed up.

  • Splunk admin here, time to look at and compare :-)

    • Welcome! Hope you enjoy it too and can use it together in some way, perhaps for the data you aren't able to ingest due to some restrictions- just to give it a spin :) two really great technologies. We've got a few ex splunkers here at Elastic now too so great to see two sides of the story.