Washable Face Mask Cotton and Silk Mix

Any recommendations for suppliers of washable face masks that follow the advice in https://www.sciencenewsforstudents.org/article/science-homem...?

"Overall, a combination of fabrics worked best. And not just any fabrics. The top performers paired 600-thread-count cotton (meaning 600 threads were woven to make up each square inch of fabric) with two layers of either silk or chiffon. On average, each type stopped at least 90 percent of the particles."


  • https://www.r-shields.com/

    there is a supplier (the Allergy Shop) who had some but they had major delays in delivery due to covid.

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    Good luck!

    My suggestion if to buy a $99 sewing machine at Spotlight, thread, elastic ($4 for 5m at Big W or $1 per meter at Lincraft), cloth is about $2 a meter and sort yourself out. You can do 4 layers custom if you want.

    Find template here from dept of human service Victoria

    Otherwise you are at the mercy of other people who know best about mass production.

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      It's cheaper and more convenient to buy a $57 respirator.

      • In the short run but not in the long run. Learn a simple skill like sewing. Save you a small fortune for retirement.

      • Keep in mind most vented respirators offer protection only to the wearer as exhaled air is unfiltered.

        • The purpose of respirators is to protect the user.

          • @whooah1979: And in the context of the virus two way protection as offered by a non vented mask would always be preferable.

    • You might find that elastic is out of stock in most places.

      • 6mm available at BigW still $4 for 5m went the other day. Lincraft still have 9mm $1.13 or so per meter.

  • For those who cannot be bothered sewing, any recommendations for sellers located in Australia?

  • I've seen pure silk masks for $120.

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    Eye masks that used to be given out on overnight flights and worn over the mouth and nose work okay for a temporary solution.

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    Or retrofit a bra if your really keen!

  • Using the pantyhose to assist in sealing the sides look interesting.

    • Swarovski is affordable. De Beers diamonds lasts forever.

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