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[eBook] Free: "The Business Empowerment Guide Book: How to develop business ideas with empowering ..." $0 @ Amazon US,AU


A little gem for those who fancy themselves as entrepreneurs and want to develop a business during these times. Free at time of posting.

From Amazon blurb -

The Business Empowerment Ebook received 1# Bestseller during July 9-14 in 3 categories!

The entrepreneurship path is a lonely one. The beginning processing can be overloading, confusing, and without expert guidance, it can also lead to the wrong business decisions.

However, we live in the most promising era for generating ideas! Today we have accessibility to the amount of knowledge that we didn’t have before. This is our duty to learn how to leverage the changing working future and how to make an impact with new and better innovations to our future generations!

What is the revolutionary business empowerment methodology workbook - and why it’s the best study guide to educate idea generators?
The Business Empowerment methodology teaches idea generators on how to research and expand business opportunities, prioritize the best fit, and focus on the highest impact of business value. The unique method combines business & design strengths which provides a fresh and unique set of practical tools.
“Using the business empowerment workbook, idea generators can have the guidance and confidence to empower their idea into the best business offering!”

Based on many case studies of leading brands, business statistics, start-ups success stories, and own personal experience.

This book will provide you with 8 simple techniques to master the business journey:
✓how to find the best business opportunity
✓how to identify the best demand opportunity
✓how to explore new ideas
✓how to quickly develop intuitive features
✓how to build branding concepts
✓how to quickly validate an idea
✓how to strategically plan the business sales
✓how to maximize buying motivation

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