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[PC, Steam] Death Stranding $63.45 [Digital Download] @ Eneba


Price is shown after operational fees when paying with PayPal or Credit Card and using the discount code OZSTRANDING.

Price with PaysafeCard – 68.15$.

The discount code is exclusive for OzBargain users, therefore it will only work for users from AU.

If you have any questions or issues – please contact us at [email protected].

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  • +1

    Great Game!

    Full disclosure - Brother thought it was a boring delivery game. But play multiplayer and it ends up better!

    • +2

      thanks, convinced me not to buy it lol perfer solo games

      • -2

        You can do solo but it's a heck of a lot more difficult… I spent ages building the roads. Got plenty of kudos when I finally went online, but it took a while to build.

        OP: May I suggest that you change the code to OZSTRANDED… Because we really are; at least Victorians ;)

        • If Victorians are so stranded, how should people from New Zealand feel then?

      • +4

        I don't know what he's talking about. The multiplayer is asynchronous. You're alone, you just see other structures, like messages in Dark Souls. No invaders.

      • You don't actually encounter anyone… it's more like, traces of other players.

  • +2

    well damn i just paid $79 on greenmangaming

  • +1

    is eneba legit?

    • all cdkey selling sites are questionable. just google them, including eneba, and you'll see bad stories. Some are worse than others.

    • +1

      I just bought it. Received the key immediately and it activated on Steam just fine. Steam said the product was: "Death Stranding, Pre-release, Key Only."

      • Pre-release Key Only?

        wonder wot dat means.

    • +1

      I have not had issues with supply or keys being legitimate.

    • +1

      It's a grey market site like G2A, so buy at your own risk. Personally I would only buy from authorized distributors. Check out, they only list sites that are legitimate resellers and trusted partners of publishers.

      • Interesting, it's $65.99 from wingamestore from that link.

  • -1

    Is this better on PS4 or PC?
    (I've got both)

    • PC has better visuals because of the lack of needing to cater to the consoles hardware limitations. But you might need a Semi-beefy pc to get ultra 60fps. You could probably compare the visuals side by side if you have both lol

      • +1

        Apparently it's optimised really well for pc.

    • +1

      I don't understand when people ask this…

      If you ever need to even ask that question, the answer will most likely be console.

      (Explanation: PC has support for mouse/keyboard AND controller, and if you have the right hardware, games will look better too. If you need to ask the question, then I can only assume it's because either your PC isn't powerful, or you spend more time on your console anyway).

      If you are rocking a beast PC, why on earth would you play on console? Unless you have some specific circumstance like friends who only play console, or you prefer to play in the living room/on the TV (etc) - in which case, why ask the question?

    • I haven't played it on PC, but I can tell you that it looks amazing on a Panasonic 4k OLED TV, and it runs smooth on a PS4 Pro, even if it is locked to 30fps.

    • +1

      Here is the Digital Foundry comparison and break down, they are the best in the business when it comes to such comparisons. No spoilers in the video.

      Short Answer - PC is better, especially if you have an RTX Card.

      FYI, as someone else pointed out, in the significant majority of cases, every game that's available on PC & Consoles will be better on PC. That's just dependant on hardware though.

    • -1

      It depends on the hardware you have. This game in particular has dlss2.0 support, so a pc with rtx series will look better.

      side note: for the first time in gaming history consoles will likely outperform most of the gaming rigs with the next gen series x and ps5 release. the closest pc build would need to have an equivalent system of 8 core cpu, 2080 ti and a high end pcie3 nvme or pcie4 nvme to match their raw performance. (but then again, 4k and above is a selling point for next gen consoles where pc gamer would be happy with just 1080p)

  • Can you do a deal on F12020 too, please

  • Thought I was getting a lucky deal for my birthday, hit the link and sold out. :(

    • +1

      It is here and the code still works making it 63.68

      • Ah I ended up getting it as a gift anyway. Good for others to know though! Thanks.

    • +1

      Sorry about that, Diji. :(
      One merchant's listing was initially promoted, but it got sold out through the week.
      Other merchants still have it at similar price (therefore we have updated the link), but unfortunately, we prefer to initially list one merchant's listing in order to avoid any confusion and/or sudden price changes.
      Hope you have a Happy Birthday, though!!! And enjoy the game. :))

      • +1

        Thanks :) Good info to know for me to know next time, I hadn't heard of your store before. I'll keep an eye out when Horizon Zero Dawn is out on PC (hint, hint ;)

        • +1

          Definitely make sure to check out OzBargain that weekend starting Friday. (wink)
          See you soon! ;)
          (yes, I just used two possible ways to wink at you)

  • now 62.95 on checkout, 62.89 after citibank plus conversion

  • +1

    Thanks for the awesome discount

  • I just purchased this deal received the key and placed it into Steam and it said the code has already been activated on another account?

    I'm not happy and am messaging support.

    • Hi there,

      Sincerest apologies about that. Contacted our support team in order to resolve this issue – they confirmed that the seller had an issue with their stock.
      Please refer to your support ticket for the option of a refund or a new working key.