This was posted 2 years 6 months 3 days ago, and might be an out-dated deal.

BigW - Sony Blu-Ray + Star Wars Ep 4- 6 Blu-Ray $148

BigW - Sony Blu-Ray + Star Wars Ep 4- 6 Blu-Ray $148Affiliate

Model: BDP-s185

Get the original Eps only + a bluray player for $148 seems good.

Cheapest bluray player over at JB is $99 samsung and cheapest Sony is $140

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    tis episodes 4-6….


      thanks just updated


    Features BDP-S185

    • High Definition picture quality - Watch Blu-ray Disc™ movies in crystal clear, Full HD 1080p
    • Also plays DVD Discs - No need to throw out your old collection of DVD movies. Also upscales your existing DVD collection to near 1080p quality
    • Easy to use menu system - Award winning menu system uses icons and an easy to follow 'tree' system for easy operation of your player
    • Compact and stylish design - 290mm wide main unit with brushed aluminium appearance looks good in any room
    • Access to free online entertainment* - Stream videos, sports and the best of the web directly from the Internet from channels such as YouTube™
    • Wide choice of file compatibility via USB - Release music, video and pictures from a USB device (including Hard Disc Drive) for big screen playback
    • Cost saving power consumption - Low power consumption means you save money on your electricity bill as well as being kinder to the environment
    • HDMI® - HDMI® output to connect your high definition TV
    • High Definition audio codecs - Supports Dolby® TrueHD and DTS-HD High Resolution Audio for sound quality as good as the picture
      • *Premium services such as Sony Entertainment Network are available in selected countries. These cost money to access but users are always promoted.

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    A good deal, but keep in mind that getting the two Star Wars trilogy packs means you don't get some of the bonus features on the complete set.


      Very good point.

      Half the point of getting big release titles is the extras such as DVD commentaries (which I guess should just be called "commentaries" now).

      What does the trilogy set (eps IV-VI) miss out that you get with the full set (eps I-VI)?

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    I can't believe how much bluray players have dropped down in price in the last year. They used to be quite expensive but now they are like dirt cheap at around the price of DVD players.

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      That's the same with mobile phone, laptops, pads, etc… Never be the first one to buy new stuffs… LOL

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      yep…. same thing with the discs themselves. it used to be a bargain when dvd's could be found for under $15, now I wont buy a bluray for anymore than that!


    i am looking for a region free blu-ray player, is there any?


      Bluray movies arent region coded except for a very few, so you can buy bluray movies from anywhere in the world it should work. I've bought heaps from America and UK and yet to see one that doesn't work here in Oz.

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    Only two problems with this:

    1. It's Sony. Have they put a rootkit on the machine?
    2. It's BluRay. I'll stick with my DVD players and large catalogue until a technology comes out that is a decent step forward. Or I'll wait for Star Wars in aerosol format.

      Sony invented Bluray, so their bluray players are top notch. Plus all bluray players are capable of playing DVDs, what's better still is that it will upscale your DVD disks to 1080p giving better picture quality then if you were to play on your old DVD player.


    Does this model have the built-in ABC iView player (software), does anyone know?

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