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Dyson V7 Animal Origin Cordless Vacuum $449 @ BigW


Sale of Dyson V7 Animal Origin Cordless Vacuum at BIG W only $449 usual $699 until 29th July
Free home delivery with orders over $100

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  • From my understanding,
    Origin: Direct drive cleaner head + Combination tool
    Motorhead: +Crevice tool
    Animal: + Motorised tool
    Is the mini motorised tool worth the additional ~$50?

    • I have an older model Animal and never use the mini motorised tool, i found it to be fairly useless vaccing the car. If I were to buy again I wouldnt bother with it, but thats just me, some may have a good use for it.

  • any idea, how many years a Dyson vacuum battery last? I am waiting for Miele can n dog for so long now ..

    • They are all different, mine at home is still going strong after 5 years, the one we have at work needed a new battery after 1 year, although was used more. Batteries are easily available in various places and dyson will give another if its still in warranty.

  • I just ordered the V7 motorhead from the good guys using the 10% discount so it ended up being $404.10 … If you don't need the extra motorized tool you can get it a bit cheaper.

    • I've even seen the motorhead a few times now for $359.20 ($449 less extra 20% via TGG ebay) - including when I bought mine.

      Great vacuum.

  • No bargain, this is a normal price now. It was 399 on specials at BIGW in January this year.

  • Its cheaper to get Kmart version for $149, does as good job without the bells and whisle's.

    • That's like saying you could buy a reputable brand car or you could go and get a Chery or MG or whatever for much cheaper - it does indeed still get you from A to B without the Bells and Whistles. It will likely just be less reliable and not hold any resale value.

    • Or just get a commercial vacuum.

    • Absolutely not the same. I bought the Kmart one earlier this year - you have to physically remove the dust from the spiral container after two to three vacuums. Atrocious on carpets. I'm looking for a dyson because the Kmart version is so trash.

  • What sucks is my V6 Absolute has stopped working again (out of warranty). If I upgrade, the tools aren't compatible and I have to throw them all away. Sure there is an adapter for non powered ones but the motorised heads are the main point.

  • Is that work well on carpet like this below? Thanks.

  • So cheap just went to big w and buy one suprised people didn’t buy it all, seems cheapest compared to anywhere.

    This is a steal Harvey Norman is selling the non animal for $449.

    • Maybe people are starting to know that Dysons are a fad. You could get a nice commercial vacuum at that price or a better built one.

  • I ended up going for the V7 Motorhead @ The Good Guys with 10% Shopback cashback and $60 in-store credit last night
    ~$408 - $60 credit / $348 depending on how you look at it