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[PC, PS4, XB1] Free-to Play Weekend - Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon Breakpoint - Ubisoft


Another opportunity to try out Ghost Recon Breakpoint. The game got another big update on 15 July.


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    Has anyone been able to finish it in 2 days

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      You have almost 4 days.


      I only played the beta of breakpoint, but if its anything like wildlands then yeah it would be easily completed in 2 days unless you're trying to 100% it


        Finished the campaign on Wildlands and it shows about 28% complete!


        I got the ultimate edition last week when it was 75% off (might still be?) and with all the event quests…gosh there's probably at least 40 hours of questing here.
        They just added AI team mates back in, before it was solo or co-op only. MP is still active. It's more refined.

        I loved wildlands, but you could tell it felt like the 'first iteration', and experiment of open world looter shooter components that ALMOST came together 100% but not quite. It was fun but repetitive. There's more variety here so the repetition doesn't kick in as quickly. Worth the 25% price so far!


          Yeah not 75% off anymore. Was just summer sale unfortunately.

          Breakpoint really does look amazing. My girlfriend recommends it and her father is currently playing through it right now.


            @DisabledUser354127: They're 75% off in the ubisoft store. Can get another 20% off that price if you use 100 ubisoft points.

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    Amazing how once when you played a tom clancy game it was one of the best around

    I don't like getting old

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      I don't know if we're "getting old" or if games are trying very hard to be "young", "hip" and "cool".

      Remember COD? Remember having a good ol' time running around on the ground shooting guns?

      How about we'll give you the ability to fly, be a robot with a plasma knife, or have BURGERS on your weapon?


      yeah, you're welcome, my young-hip-cool consumer. We are alike now, right?

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        "So you want a realistic down to earth show…that's completely off the wall…and swarming with magic robots?"

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          Your name checks out. Very relateable.

          Why can't they just make good, normal games?
          Everyone is trying so freaking hard nowadays.

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            @Kundi: I'm getting just like my dad when he talked about the music in the 70s

            I'm glad to I got to enjoy my time.
            Dedicated servers so there was less griefing & most of the players weren't insane, misogynistic & racist and the games were similar but completely different


              @iamhurtin: Oh man, I miss dedicated servers so much. Moderated clan servers were a good thing for online multiplayer.


                @Mong: I also loved the online services where you could set your own rooms
                M player, msn zone, can't remember the other ones.

                Is that possible today?

                Can you and 4 mates play your own private match of modern warfare?

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        Slow down on the gimmick words, brother. The industry has shifted away from slow and methodological game play, it doesn't mean developers are insistent on being hip and cool. These games still exist and have significantly more depth than they ever had, they just aren't as popular as other games.

        I guess you're big into Quake too? That ship sailed many years ago, it doesn't matter how many arena shooters come out, they are never going to be popular again. You can argue that the depth and skill level is too high, which it is, but DotA exists and is popular. Void argument.

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    On playstation, is it the free trial? Nothing about free weekend


      Need to have PS Plus.

      XBox users need Live Gold.


        I have PS Plus, but the only options are to pay $17.95 for the full game of to "Try Free Demo"


          Click "Try Free Demo"


    I reinstalled this recently to see if they'd made it a decent game, and almost fell off my chair laughing when the fire at the start for the crashed helo or whatever is still pixelated, even on a new PC. I'd give this one a miss..even free.


    Wasn’t this broken on release? Has it been fixed?


    In case anyone is having trouble finding it, this worked for me.

    PS4/ Hong Kong
    Direct link: https://store.playstation.com/en-hk/product/JP0001-CUSA14360...

    In the store, it's called Tom Clancy's Ghost Recon® Breakpoint - Free Weekend Free Trial (English/Chinese/Korean/Japanese Ver.)

    edit it didn't actually work - "Unable to Find This Page" when I try to actually install it..


    So if I download this huge download for 2 days, I will have to delete on Monday, I mean Americas Monday.

    Geez Ubisoft talk about tight asses.


    Theres a quick fix to make remove the time limit on the pc full game demo

    regardless, i loved ghost recon, but couldnt get into this one. it felt backwards in comparison.