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[eBook] Free: Mollie McQueen is NOT Getting Divorced @ Amazon


From the best-selling author of the Clara series comes a brand new hilarious series that's heartwarming, addictive and incredibly moreish!
"Whoever said money can't buy happiness, obviously never paid for a divorce…"
When Mollie McQueen turned thirty, she awoke with a determination to live her best life.
Her marriage to Max was the first thing to come under scrutiny and on one sexless night in May, Mollie decided that their relationship was over.
However, when a grouchy divorce lawyer convinces Mollie there’s a chance she could bow out of this life being eaten alive by a pack of cats, she starts to search for an alternative.
Opening the can of worms that is her marriage makes Mollie realise she might not be as blameless as she initially thought…
Will Mollie be able to rescue her marriage or has the lure of a life without wet towels on the bed turned her head?
One thing is for sure… Mollie McQueen is NOT getting divorced.

US https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07HLBSGWF

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    Is there enough stock? I don’t want to upvote unless I’m sure their server can handle the Ozbargain download onslaught.

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      no, YOU'RE heartwarming, addictive and incredibly moreish!

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    Also, don’t forget Cashrewards!


    Wow!!! FREE? OMG


    Poor Mollie


    Good golly