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Free Australian Domain Name for 1 Year @ VentraIP (New Customers)


Looks like this deal is back with a different coupon code.

Copied from their website:
As a proud 100% Aussie owned and operated business,
we wanted to offer other Australians a simple way to get started online.
So we decided to give away 10,000 Australian domain names FREE for one year.

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$50 Visa/Mastercard Giftcard for the referrer after referee signs up to a new hosting service and either a new domain name or transfer an existing domain name, and remains an active customer for at least 60 days

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  • +6

    Fake countdown

    • -8

      So what? It's free. If it was paid then it'd be different. You're just being a twat.

    • The countdown is just based on the cookies… Open in a new private tab and you'll get a new 24-hour countdown.

      That being said it's only for the first 10,000 domains so realistically the countdown should be a number between 10,000 and 0.

  • Excludes renewal I guess?

    • Yes. It's for entirely new registrations and new customers to VentraIP.

  • Perhaps useful for business owners only. To register a requires an ABN and so on. Restrictions will apply for most .aU domains so not for your average Joe Soap.

    • +3

      Not true for domains. Only have to be able to explain your association to the request. Eg. Name, surname, etc.

      • I can confirm that no business details were needed for
        I would've preferred a domain, but I can't really complain for the low price of free.

      • +1

        The reason I noted "for most". Was too lazy to check all types. Good to hear works if one is happy with one of those.

    • -1

      Not sure why you’d really need a domain if you don’t have an ABN/Business?

      • Non business web sites or blogs, but also you might want a domain to have it as part of your email address.

    • +2

      I just tried and the code is still working.

  • Does anybody know if you can transfer the domain out on this deal and if so how long you need to wait if there's a wait period?

    • .aU Domains should be able to transfer immediately once registered.

    • +1

      You'll be able to transfer it out immediately no restrictions like with other generic top-level domain names .com for example.

      Why one would want to do that considering they are a pretty decent provider compare to what's available in the industry here in Australia who knows.

      • Only because I deal with a lot of domains for a lot of customers and they are all with another registrar, mate - nothing against Ventra just want to keep all my domains under the same portal :)

  • Does only work with your own name? Or any names and why is it when you search domain nothing comes up for
    I take dont work etc unless abn so you cant use for like hobbys etc something you want a name for?

    • Just tested and got results for ..

      As for the requirements (from;

      • it must exactly match the registrant’s name, or be an abbreviation or acronym of the name.
      • a name can be derived from or include one or more words of the person's name.
      • can be a personal name by which the registrant is know; in other words, a nickname.
    • ,com.aU requires an ABN to begin with. If you have that you can then register fairly much any Domain Name as long as it meets a defined criteria. Best look at auDA for exact criteria. For the most part if available one could really register "whatever" if available as one could (if asked which never occurs) that you need it for XYZ or is associated with…………….!

      Be an Australian citizen or resident and.
      The domain should exactly match the registrant's name or be an acronym or abbreviation or be closely connected to the registrant.

      The "closely connected to the registrant." part opens up a wide door i.e. one could say (if asked which is highly unlikely) is to say that you have a hobby doing this!.

      Its not exactly regulated well……………….other than you need to be Australian. If however there is a existing business that is close to the Domain Name then best stay clear as they if they wanted do could request the Domain name back from you. Yet to see this occur but can and does happen.

      • Sorry you lost me. Are there more restrictions in owning a domain here ie abn needed

        • You need an ABN for most .aU Domain Names but not all. Domains ending with,id.aU do not require an ABN, Its one of the few,
          Best check requirements at auDA for all ,aU Domain Names prior to considering trying to register one,

  • Can I get a free domain from here and transfer it to another hosting service, like hostpapa for example?

    • +1

      Was answered already on 20/07 just a few posts up!

      • thanks mate

    • +1

      Can I get a free domain from here and transfer it to another hosting service, like hostpapa for example?

      You can transfer the domain name to another provider if you would like or you can update your name servers to point to any web host or manually control your DNS to point anywhere you would like they include everything you need to do this at VentraIP.

  • Put the in my cart by mistake. Can't remove it… Seriously?

    • Clear your Browser CACHE or try a different browser………assuming you have deleted from cart.

  • +1

    Thanks! Coupon still works

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