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Bonds/Holeproof Explorer Socks $7/Pack @ Woolworths


First time poster, go easy on me.
Just popped into my local Woolies and they had these on half price in a basket at the checkout.
$7 down from $14 a pair.
Comes in different colors and sizes, females too!

Mens Black Size 6-10
Mens Black Size 11-14
Mens Navy Size 6-10
Mens Navy Size 11-14
Females Black Size 3-8

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    Almost feels like this is the normal price for these now

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    Are they strong enough to hold soap when you swing them and not tear?

    • +9

      I don't know, I'm too busy dropping it to check.

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    Big W have the 2 packs for $13.80 as well

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    Totally a waste of time, I shifted to bamboo sticks after the shift to China production. These are always stuff and wear out after 6 months. Get them from allingrons or were ever you can but the same brand. I buy of eBay and never had a bad experience.

    • Maybe read the label first? It says "Made in Vietnam"

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        Depends on the colour

        The Navy coloured socks are "Made in China"
        Grey was "Made in Vietnam"

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          I bought black ones today, made in Vietnam. Old stock are made in China.

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    Having worn boots for 10+ years daily, I swear by these. Thick but not excessive, good fitment and last years.

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    These are excellent for sitting around the house in during winter.

    • Which variety of holeproof is your best pick for winter sock?

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    When they were made in Australia, they would comfortably last me for a few years.
    They were a reputable brand to stick by.

    But since they have moved the manufacturing to China, the socks would only last me less than a year, and I just don't buy them any more; because a crappy 3-pack of thick work socks would last just as long, for less at regular prices.

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      You mean ever since Bonds was acquired by an American company in 2016 who decided to cost cut. Even if it was still manufactured in Australia the result would still be the same or probably even worse given our manufacturing culture, "she's still good" whilst looking at the antique equipment/machinery.

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    Kmart socks fare better than these China made ones. They're just not the same since they shifted production to China.
    Moreover they're legit on half price every week at Colesworth.

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      How funny, Explorer socks are actually made in Vietnam now. So you're saying Kmart made in China socks are better.

      • Where are you getting the info they're made in Vietnam? They say made in China on the packet and on the Bonds website

  • It might sound silly, but are these holeproofs actually holeproof? Every pair of bonds socks I've gotten recently are really crappy and as has been mentioned above, inferior to Kmart's anko brand. Are these holeproofs still decent or have they dropped like the other Bonds stuff?

  • Great time to start making these locally again and actually get longer use. I still buy them occasionally, haven't found a better alternative

    • Same same really from a financial perspective. Buy once at higher prices and use longer or buy cheaper and replace more often. I'd rather cheaper as I like replacing my socks and jocks often anyways.

  • I've bought these for 10 years now. Not sure when they changed over production, but I haven' t noticed a change in quality. They're good for about 2 years worth of daily wear, which is good value at $7 (I've never paid more, colesworth always have these on special). I know they use real wool because my feet don't sweat in them. Can't wear polyester or nylon socks for that reason.

  • My last lot of these has lasted me 6 years. Just got 5 pairs from Woolies and they're all made in Vietnam. Tried on a new pair (couple years old & made in china) that mum had laying around at home to check my size. The Vietnam ones are a tad darker and the fibres look somewhat neater.

  • You think there would be more competition, it's like Bonds/Explorer are the only big marketed sock for that type.

    I might give K-Mart a go! I wouldn't be surprised if they're better!

  • https://portphillipshop.com.au/heavy-duty-adventurer-work-so...

    my dad bought a few pairs after being fed up with quality of what explorer socks have become. they are just like explorers use to be and made in Australia

  • All these comments seem like shill comments, I've worn explorers for 30 years, I simply would not touch then now that bamboo socks are available. Cheaper, more comfortable, dryer. I don't think anyone of these comments above can be accurate based on imported versions.

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