Box for streaming Kayo

I am sick of connecting my laptop to the tv when streaming kayo so want to get something i can just have connected to the tv.

Options i have been considering so far:
Vodafone tv
Foxtel now box
Chromecast ultra
Apple tv 4K
Nvidia shield tv pro

I currently use netflix and plex on my xbox one.

I know the nvidia is supposed to be the bees knees but not sure if it will just be overkill for me, but also wonder if it will improve my use with plex and netflix.

I have a 2nd gen chromecast which gets used frequently but it just isnt up to scratch for kayo.

I guess what I am looking for feedback on is a) what would be the best value option; and b) is the nvidia worth the premium

Also note, i do not currently have a 4K tv (my 8year old plasma is still going strong). However, i do have plans for one in the future so 4K would be nice to have for future proofing.


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    I’ve had the Vodafone TV and it works great especially since it can be used without the Laptop as well.

    • I have two and they are great boxes. I installed one for someone who is very technologically illiterate and she can operate it without any problems.

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    Kayo is only 720p (apparently 1080p (I assume for certain sports)). I personally have a computer hooked straight up (does 4K60Hz for other things). Chromecast was garbo in my experience for Kayo as well. When i was using a Voda Box, didn't seem too good for Kayo with the app ported from Shield (This was a year or so ago though so may have improved). ended up using Kodi with this on my Voda TV and that seemed pretty good.

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      It's not 720p. But it is low bitrate 1080p. It really needs to be 4K.

      • I mean i watch NRL, and it seems to peak at 720p with 5.5mbps bitrate and 50fps.

        • Really? On my FireTV 4k right now the AFL is streaming at 1920x1080p with 50fps and the bitrate is 7431kbps.

          Actually, I get the same settings for the NRL (rabbitohs vs knights)..

        • Something wrong with your connection then.

  • Get the latest shield for the 4k upscaling that you'll want when you get the new telly.

    • It has built in upscaling of all video output? That's bloody brilliant

      • Yeah the new one is so good some reckon you can cancel 4k netflix and just use 1080p plus upscaling.

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    +1 for voda tv. Seems to be the best value and most versatile

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    Vodafone tv or Nvidia. forget the rest.

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    I've got the Voda TV and I find it doesn't do the best job, and default to the native app for Samsung TV (that includes Kayo via Kodi on the VTV).

    If you want to future proof I would definitely say to pop up the money for the shield.

    • What about it isnt the best?
      There is certainly a big price difference between voda tv and nvidia

      • I have a Vodafone TV, and I have absolutely zero issues with it, and I have even used it for gaming. In fact the only thing that took a few goes was pairing my xbox controller, but once it was paired no dramas at all. I have used iview, kodi, casted to it, youtube, and a lot more.

        Having said that, just buy a chromecast if all you want is kayo, except that is the price is comparable to a VTV then it makes more sense to buy that. I never know where I will be when watching the footy so I prefer to cast as I share my account with friends

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    Either Telstra TV or Chromecast 2 work great

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    I have the Voda TV box and honestly, one of the best things I've ever bought. Sideloaded Amazon Prime and Kayo (actually just loaded it on a few hours ago) onto it and haven't had any problem at all. Will always recommend it.

    • It was good until they updated it, so you have to use fat32 format for hard drives. Got it for my folks but for a box that can play 4K content it makes it pointless to have a 4GB limit

      • World great streaming from LAN too. Have they got a USB port on their router? A PC they can use to host the files?

        • The point is Vodafone Box offered something when you bought it and then took it away. Pretty poor. They haven't got the best NBN in their area so streaming and downloading is very average. That's why I got them the box and have to keep supplying them with movies and shows constantly. Now I have to encode some things to get it to a certain file size. Which is just annoying.

          • @Monstalova: Yeah 100% agree it was poor form. I was just lucky that I was already hosting all of my files on a Plex server in the other room. Still got the refund though.

            If they do have another PC, setup Plex. I've got it setup for the in-laws, easier than file browsing and I remote in now and then to add new content. VTV will direct play almost everything you throw at it without transcoding, so you don't need a fast PC.

      • No exfat support? What about ext4?

        • Other users on here reported they couldn't use the ext4 through networked NAS. Definitely no exfat. Vodafone said it was to do with licensing why they stripped the box of everything but fat32.

          • @Monstalova: Ext4 definitely doesn't have anything to do with licensing TMK, what does Android use for its native storage? They could have just used that

            • @Jackson: In the previous post for Vodafone a user posted their response saying it was because of licensing but it seems bullshit as every other device has it. Even the Chinese made ones. Android is open source, along with almost all codecs used on the box, so there is no native. It's whatever you choose as a default setting. They could have just used NTFS 3G as it's free. I even heard that Microsoft made exfat open source recently too. Definitely some funny business going on at Vodafone!

              • @Monstalova: I did a quick google search and saws few indications that the Android system drive is ext4, but I didn't really delve in as didn't have the time. I think we need to test this if we cant find a definitive answer

    • +1 for Vodafone TV, it's crazy good value. I've got two and they're rock solid, and recently got updated to Android 9. Remote is great, performance is solid and the build quality is supposedly amazing from a teardown I found recently. All for $72 including express shipping.

      Unfortunately the Android 9 update removed NTFS support for USB devices, but that's not something I personally use anyway.

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    Save your money, no need for a separate box. You mention you have an Xbox One. You can access Kayo through the Kodi app.

    Kodi whirlpool thread here:

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      Awesome, i forgot kodi was available on xbox. Just set it up and working perfectly

      Just saved some money :)

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        Just saved some money :)

        The OzBargain way.

    • @beaver2233 Is there anything I can do to get Kayo on playstation?

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        Not to my knowledge no. Sucks that there's no native app for either PS4 or Xbox.

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    I just cast from phone to any screen in my house via chromecast, it is easy and rarely fails.

    • What chrome cast? My older one is unwatchable, and many, many complaints online.

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        Really? I know not a lot of love on here, but tbh I love the simplicity of it, and maybe my requirement are quite simple, like I said just use for streaming Disney, Netflix, Youtube, Kayo etc on both of my smart(dumb) tvs, via my phone, couldn't be easier.
        I also have lots of google smart speakers so I use voice commands to cast it also.
        I have a brand new Vodafone TV box but havnt even bothered to set it up.
        Edit: The two I have are gen. 3, HD is enough for me.

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          The old chrome cast I have is great for everything except Kayo.
          It seems to be a bug, as it jerks and buffers continuously on even lowest quality.
          The Kayo apps on iPad, and computer are rock solid with the same connection.

          • @mskeggs: Aaah ok, yeah I guess I got off topic. I ditched foxtel this year, pre covid, mainly wanted it for afl. But as we know sport has been non existent, so havnt used it a lot, but when required it has been fine.

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            @mskeggs: Exactly the same experience as you, mskeggs, on my Chromecast 1. It's literally the only thing that gives me problems. Every other streaming service/plex is completely fine - just not bloody Kayo. Pretty annoying!

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        I just bought a new chromecast from the JB hifi deal, it arrived Saturday and needed it Sunday. Tried watching F1 last night on my old Chromecast and it was unwatchable (10sec watch - 10sec buffer), unboxed the new one and plugged it in to watch F1 with no issues at all.

        Seems older Chromecast has no end of issues with Kayo and can't handle it.

        • Did you buy 2nd or 3rd generation chromecast?

        • I had the same issue with kayo, gen 1 was bad, went to the VTV which is further from the router and still connected by wifi, castes to it perfectly. Honestly if there less than 15 bucks difference, you may as well get a VTV even if you think you won't use any of the features

  • Vodafone TV is well worth the money. Easy to side load the Kayo app. Works perfect. Been using it for a yeah or 2 without an issue.

    Just bought a Sony TV with Kayo built in. Works a treat also. Can have multiple sports on at once.

    100% Vodafone TV. It’s you one stop solution for your TV. I watch free to air from it too to save me having to swap and change inputs.

    • How do you side load the Kayo app onto the Vodafone box?

      • +1
        • Thanks got it setup ok.

          Unfortunately when watching Kayo on Vodafone TV the picture motion is not smooth (a little jerky/jumpy like it cant keep up) - Does it on AUTO, HD and SD Quality. No trouble loading or pausing when watching just a constant annoying motion.

          Windows 7 laptop via HDMI (Kayo website) picture is stable and smooth on lower quality 360 (at least watchable), jerky on 1080 quality.
          Chromebooks via HDMI from the website are unwatchable as well.

          Internet Speedtest is 24 Mbps.

          Do you know what the issue is by any chance?

          • @Pimpiticians 4 Life: I don’t have that issue at all sorry.

            I’m on NBN 50, getting an average of 46 mbps. I thought your speed would be sufficient. I have 2 VFTV boxes and I would have Kayo playing on both and not have an issue.

            You aren’t downloading or anything while watching Kayo are you?

            • @arenaa: my vodafone tv language settings by default changes to Chinese, any idea to fix this?. i have reset it many times with no good luck.

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                @NPB: I haven’t seen this before. You haven’t installed any apps the could possibly cUse this have you?
                Is it in Chinese straight after the reset?
                You can also contact Vodafone TV support. They should be able to assist.

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            @Pimpiticians 4 Life: I think it’s because the Vodafone TV Doesn’t do auto frame rate matching. You need to make your resolution is set at 1080p @50hz and it should be smooth

            • @PaPaGeorGeo: Thank you , I will try this step . Many thanks

              • @NPB: Thank you , the issue has been fixed. Display settings changed to 1080 and 50hz and it works . Many thanks

              • @NPB: Thanks done and works perfect

    • How did you get the free to air tv working? I plugged the Arial in, tried looking for an app to use or whatever but couldn't find anything.

      • It comes installed by default. Live Channels.

        Also the blue TV button on the remote should launch the app. You need to tune in the channels obviously.

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    If you have the money to spend, Shield. It's all I use on my main tv. I also have a Foxtel Now box and it is slow, and a bit annoying but for $49 it's what you pay for. I can't complain but the Shield is great. The 4K AI upscaling is almost worth the cost in itself.

  • We use an Intel NUC to make our dumb TV very smart. We use a combination of a Logitech universal IR remote or PC Remote phone app for control.

    We use the Win10 Netflix app, Kodi for viewing US TV and locally stored content, YouTube and everything else in Chrome.

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    I highly recommend the Nvidia Shield TV! I have been a Android and Windows user for ever and I can't recommend the little tube more highly. However for your Plex purposes you may need the Nvidia Shield TV Pro. It may be a touch steep cost wise, but for something you use so often, and Android TV being blazingly fast, AI upscaling and probably the best remote going lately!!!
    Just do it, you won't regret it.

  • Has anyone side-loaded Kayo onto a firestick?

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    Hey, saw that you were using the Xbox One. My workaround is to use the Edge browser and the Xbox and that works fine. Only annoyance is to use the Xbox controller as the mouse to make selections but otherwise it works well. Might be a good stop gap solution until you get another device that can do it via a native app.

    Edit: Ooo I just saw the reply that mentioned using it via the Kodi app. I'll try that myself. I wonder if Kodi let's us watch Binge as well?

    • Unfortunately Binge won't work due to the lack of Widevine support on the Xbox/Windows store version of Kodi.

      • Oh bummer, I thought maybe because it was the same company doing both services (Streamotion) that the implementations would be the same. Oh well :)

  • Been using Chromecast V2 for a year without issues.

  • I use an Apple TV 4k.

    Its certainly not the cheapest option but I enjoy the simplicity/connectivity of it to my other apple devices (Thats what you pay for i guess).

    One thing I do enjoy is the multi-screen option which I think is only available on Apple tv and Chromecast Ultra

  • Another vote for Chromecast (in my case Ultra but I'm sure it would also be fine with a regular 2nd/3rd gen). Not a fan of having too many additional devices, especially for single use cases.

    Have been streaming F1 every weekend in 1080p/7+ mbps bitrate without a single drop out, freeze or glitch. Pleasantly surprised, performs much better than Optus Sports for me.

  • Apple TV 4K, great menus and apps.

    • Ditto! Kayo app on Apple TV is pretty impressive. Good scrubbing as well.

      • and multi-screen

  • I have a second gen Chromecast and it works great.

  • Kayo also works on xbox via internet Explorer app. 4 screen split works too via ie which doesnt on vodafone tv.

  • Installed Kayo thanks to the link above… all good on Vodafone TV