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Huggies Baby Wipes Fragrance Free 400 Refill $12.71 / $10.80 (Sub & Save + Prime) + Delivery ($0 with Prime / $39+) @ Amazon AU


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  • This is expensive, you're looking to bulk buy when they're 0.015625 to 0.0293 each for a bargain.

  • Not thick but does the trick

    ALDI 480 pack for $8.99 everyday

    • Thick is pretty essential when it comes to dealing with poonamis. I have found Huggies to hold up the best compared to the supermarket brands (little ones, Cub, Dymples and mamia)

  • Does this come with a pop up tub?

  • Same price at baby bunting, chemist warehouse will price match from baby bunting

  • I normally stock up when it’s $2 for a pack of 80 so this deal isn’t that cheap. I’ve used a lot of brands including Aldi, curash, baby love, little ones etc and I still prefer huggies so I stock up when it’s at this price point

    • Me too! Don’t see them that often for $2. Need to keep my eyes out!

      • $2 for pack of 80 is $10 for 400, this is $10.80 inc delivery?
        Seems a better deal than $2 for 80

        • plus if you subscribe, you can keep your eyes inside the socket ;-)

        • The individual packs are better because you have options as to whether to use the packs in your nappy bag, put one in the car, use around the house. The 400 refill box means you need to have either the pop top box or one of those refilling clutches as it’s not practical to have the massive zip lock packet for nappy change.

          • @tokziktigah: Eh? Take what you need to refill your tubs, travel packs etc then close the bulk packet back up..

            • @Kammi: What I’m saying is that you don’t need to do that with the 80 wipes pack which is why they’re a better deal than this and 80 cents cheaper when they’re on sale at $2 per pack. The bulk box is more expensive and adds extra steps to the process. Also for those who don’t have any, they would have to spend extra money on buying the pop up box or clutch trace bag to put the refills in as these don’t come for free with this refill box. But this is a good deal if you were willing to do those steps and needed wipes now as the 80 pk wipes aren’t currently on sale and with delivery included.

              I was just making this comment for other people who might not know that the 80 pack can be had for cheaper and more convenient to use in case they want to hold out for the sale.

  • Any reason why I can't choose the subscribe and save 10% option? Anyone else having difficulty with the subscribe and save?

  • subscribe and save 10% is missing

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