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Q8 Bluetooth Voice Remote Controller Air Mouse $11.66 + $3.94 Shipping @ Banggood


The Q8 blue tooth pairs with Nvidia shield and connects easily. It has a more robust feel about it. Instead of using the CR battery, you could now just use AAA batteries.

Just go to the menu and find "add a remote" So since the remote has a Bluetooth transmitter …no need for a dongle. So its easy to pair the remote to the Nvidia Shield. I'm going to show you how. So to pair the Q8 with your nvidia shield…

Go to the add remotes in the set up menu. Press & hold the "ok" + "The volume down" button for 3 seconds at the same time.You will see the Bluetooth search on the screen.

Up in the right hand corner of the screen you will see "Remote B009" and ready to go.

This generic Nvidia shield remote is just a fraction of the price and acts like the original remote.

Why pay around $100 for a genuine remote? Its a no brainier. Currently on sale at banggood. Its a bargain. Banggood normal Price is $30.55

Best of luck guys

Q8 Bluetooth Voice Remote Controller Air Mouse

Model: Q8
bluetooth protocol: bluetooth 4.2 protocol
Modulation frequency: 2.4~2.4835GHz
Working temperature: -20 ° C ~ 50 ° C
Housing material: ABS
Battery specifications: AAA 1.5*2
Operating voltage range: 2.2 ~ 3.6V
bluetooth carrier frequency: 2.400GHz ~ 2.4835GHz
Current Description: ≤5μ[email protected] power consumption
[email protected] standby power consumption
[email protected] power consumption (regular button)
[email protected] recording function (voice function)

Number of buttons : 12 keys
Remote control distance: >10 meters
Dimensions: 1503919mm
Packing: OPP bag (no paper manual)
Product net weight: 62g
Adaptation device requirements: with bluetooth (bluetooth adaptation)
Support system: Windows, Android, OS, Linux

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  • Should work with the MiBox as well.

  • Is the remote backlit like the one that comes with the shield?

    • No it does not, you need the new Genuine remote for that

  • +1

    G20 air mouse is another great alternative for the Shield. Should work with all Android TV boxes, and has more physical buttons


  • +1

    I have only tested it on the Nividia shield and works, It does have bluetooth pairing ( no dongle required). I am not sure regarding the Mi regards

  • Adds $1.77 GST at checkout

  • -2

    If there's anything wrong with it, it'll cost you $15+ to ship it back and who know's if banggood will even refund you

    May as well chuck it out

    Better to buy from amazon or ebay who will both act in your favour and refund you including return shipping

    • +1

      Sure, got a link to eBay or Amazon for this product?

      • +1

        Please. He's not here to provide solutions, he's here to bitch about possible problems.

        • I'm bitching about genuine problems

          I have a $250 projector I bought from banggood

          It arrived with a broken internal plastic lens but it would cost me the earth to ship it back to China so I glued it back together myself but it's far from perfect

          I would never buy from banggood again it's just not worth it when you can get the same product for a little more with less expensive warranty concerns

          • +2

            @s3n: Hopefully you paid with PayPal then do a dispute with them. Banggood are notoriously bad, I brought 2 tablets from them both faulty then the nightmare of dealing with there warranty process, they are useless, Got refunded via PayPal never again.

            • @spock: I did but PayPal told me to post it back and provide proof of return postage

              Didn't consider the postage fee worth it think it was over $140 due to the weight and paypal only refunds $45 max shipping

              The minimum post to China isn't cheap either for a remote like this would cost more than the item

              Amazon refunds the full postage amount since I had another projector I sent back to the US no problems $70 back in my pocket (I tried a few cheap ones to see what they were like)

              • @s3n: Wow postage is expensive maybe do the cheapest shipping option takes longer but the case stays open my tablets cost $24 to return.

      • Couldn't find it on eBay or Amazon

        Most likely faulty or breaks some patent a lot of this tech is copied

        Meh it's unreliable anyway:

        • Better to buy from amazon or ebay 


          Couldn't find it on eBay or Amazon

  • Hi I know Amazon sell generics but I found that the G20 is the best. Ebay may have some from china I dare say. I paid for insurance with Banggood.

    • Does the G20 connect to the shield with a dongle?

  • Price shows $24.11 now.

    • That's a shame I was going to buy 1 or 2 as backups to similar remotes I got off Amazon. My daughter has a habit of losing them.

      • That is very disappointing.

  • Would this also work with the Fire TV?

  • I have the amazon fire stick tv they are great.

    • @Star Paws are you saying you have tested this with the Fire Stick?

  • +1

    Tested and Works with my Nvidia Shield

    I have one, when I restart the shield (not sleep) it loses connection with the remote. I have to re-pair every time. Needless to say I stopped using it.

    • +2

      Have you tried turning off bluetooth LE in privacy/security settings (or something like that)? Worked for my third party bluetooth remote.

      • Thanks for the suggestion, I'll try.

  • Does anyone know What would be the best and chep alternative for 3rd gen apple tv remote?

  • I'm using this remote with my Nvidia Shield:

    It's so much better than the stock shield remote (the tiny one with shitty touch sensitive volume slide) and all the buttons are working correctly including voice control.

    • I have a similar remote (Rf), works fine but the buttons are a but too clicky for me.

      I'm hanging out for the official shield 2019 Toblerone remote to use with my 2017 shield.

      They are $30us in North America, and are soon to be released here….. Apparently.

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