Best Way to Play Board Games

I've had an intrest in meeting some new people and playing some board games, but since moving to the Southern Suburbs of Adelaide from a country town I've not really met anyone, nor anyone who plays.

I've seen websites like Tabletopia and programs like Tabletop Simulator, but if anyone has any information or knows any available discords I'd be very keen to look into them.

Thanks for reading!


  • Can't vouch for it, but a quick google search comes up with Good Games if you're looking for something local. They may be able to point you in the direction you're after (re; discord communities etc).

    • This is good to know, thank you!

    • Good games does a lot of community nights where they rent out space for people to play TTGs, great place to just meet new players and jump in to try something new. Obviously YMMV due to people being people..

  • Here is a google map (put together by Craig Somerton) of all* of the Australian gaming groups ..

    • Thank you very much!

  • I know it is a bit far but there is this in Gawler (northern suburbs) They have a community who physically get together in store to regularly play games, paint miniatures etc. I know the manager and they are very down to earth, friendly people.

    • I really appreciate the suggestion but yeah that may be a bit far for me. Thanks very much though!

    • Thanks for the reply, I'll look into this!

  • Hey dude, I also live in southern suburbs of ADL and have recently gotten into board games too. Did you find much going on?

    • Hey mate, nah I never found too much down south but there was a discord I joined. It's a little hard when you've not played any before though so between that and covid I ended up just playing video games.
      How about you?

      • I've resigned myself to 2 player ones with the missus so far. It's been pretty good for dipping my toes in but wanted to see what is out there as far as groups go

        Yaaa video games definitely seem like the more comfortable option. Theres even tabletop simulator on steam to play boardgames online (havent bothered trying it out myself)

        • I 100% feel that, what have you been playing?
          Yeah I did see that, I've not tried it though.
          I do have Tabletop Playground, but not played it yet. Only have it because it was part of this months Humble Bundle

          • @InsertCrow: I've been playing: Dungeon Mayhem, Exploding Kittens, Santorini, Lost Cities, and Pandemic (wouldn't really recommend the first two except as filler).

            I picked up a few extra ones too (Seasons, Villainous, Jaws of the Lion) that I haven't played yet. My collection is bigger than it should be for such a newbie thanks to black friday sales.

            What ones were you looking at when you were thinking of getting into it?

            • @ChinaBigBalls: Damn, you're doing alright so far! Haha

              I'm a big RPG guy so I was looking into the absolute ludacris ones like Divinity Original Sin board game (that pc game is an absolute must have if you haven't played it btw) and the Bloodborne one.
              Even this one here-

              But yeah, time, money, and people that know the rules enough to play are some big road blocks haha

  • Looked at those and yeah they look intense haha. Haven't played Divinity Original Sin (or any CRPG really) but that was definitely on my list for games to play when I get time in the future (I'm a new dad so not gonna be starting any big videogame RPGs for a while I suspect).

    Anyway dude I live down Seaford Meadows way, not sure how far South you are but if you wanna organise a meet to play some of the boardgames I have, hangout, or just chat more then chuck me a message

    • Oh dude congratulations! I'm a relatively new dad too so I'm pretty much on when the little lad is asleep haha
      But yeah sick that sounds awesome, can definitely tee something up as I'm in Morphett Vale!
      I can't send you a message here as I don't think you've enabled it but my Discord is InsertCrow#3086 or for Messenger (if that link works as I'm not on FB)

      • Hahaha yeah it seems like the only way, thats when the board games come out for me.

        Cheers man, request sent on Discord (EitrEater), I'll chat to you on there my dude!