Paying Someone Else's Parking Fine

My friend was borrowing my car when he received a parking fine which he's happy to pay. I tried to 'Nominate the responsible' driver on MyPenalty website but it would just give me an error message (Error - The provided fine information is invalid. Please check the penalty notice and try again.).

Since there are no demerit points, does it make any difference if I just pay the fine without nominating the responsible driver?


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    As long as it's paid there's no impact to you or your record.

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    Yep no need to nominate another driver if no demerits.

  • Thanks for prompt replies!

  • Nothing is truly erased. There will be record of parking violations on a database somewhere.

    • True. That's how they caught the Son of Sam.

      • They caught Timothy McVeigh, the Oklahoma bomber, because he was stopped driving a car minus its licence plates and Al Capone on tax fraud.

        If you are going to do big crimes you might want to avoid the little ones.

        • Or just accrue all your parking fines in a friend's car.

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