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½ Price Mayver’s Peanut Butter 375g $2.50, Harry’s Ice Cream 520ml $3, Kettle Chips 150-175g $2.32 @ Woolworths


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  • time to stock up!

  • OG OzBargainers were panic buying half price Mayver's before panic buying was cool.

  • Source of gout

    • Can testify to that! Ate a ton of nuts and nut based stuff (vegan style cakes) last year and had it for the first time

      • Yeah, same case for me dude. I’m suffering from gout at an age of 24yo, never drunk or smoke

        • Why do you both think you have gout caused by peanut butter?

          I've never heard this before so decided to look into it. Literally every single source I could find said that peanut butter is good for gout sufferers as it contains very low levels of purine.

          How much experimenting did you do with your diet to establish this was the cause?

          • @callum9999: I was absolute truth… I’m not joking at all.
            After eating this I get gout symptoms, it causes inflammation

            • @Kawaii: You eat a bite of peanut butter then instantly get gout?

              Either way, you having a bizarre allergic reaction doesn't mean peanut butter = gout. In fact, it's specifically recommended FOR people who have gout as it's so unlikely to cause it!

  • Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo Bought 2 mayvers today at coles for 20% off. Was desperate.

  • Good deal, but good luck getting any stock in South East Melbourne. All previous deals went out of stock that same day.

    • Ask if they'll do a rain check: Coles do it, so you can buy at the special price, when it's back in stock.

      • I don't think Rainchecks has returned to Woolworths Yet:


        From Wednesday 11 March 2020, rainchecks will not be available on any advertised stock purchased until further notice. ‘Advertised stock’ includes any product advertised for sale, or which is on promotion in store at a Woolworths Supermarket or Woolworths Metro store.

  • It feels like it’s been so long for half price Mayvers, ran out some time ago

  • All natural peanut butters are almost the perfect food. Myvers are excellent. Time to stock up for the zombie apocalypse

  • Just wanted to let everyone know that I will NOT be buying peanut butter this week.

  • Any feedback on the Harry’s Ice Cream? Quality and flavour?

    • Personally, one of my favourite supermarket ice cream. I like it better than Connoisseur and Sara Lee. Not far from Haagen Dasz. Salted Caramel is my favourite, love the little cubes inside… Definitely worth a try, especially at that price.

    • I really enjoy it especially at this price. The flavours are decent. Only one that I didn't really like was the PB one.

      • Yeah peanut butter was not that good.

        I'm not a peppermint fan so passed on that as well.

        The chocolate one is pretty good but have had similar tasting others that advertise indulgent chocolate flavours and brownie pieces.

        Salted caramel is my favourite.

        Other cheaper ones too but the tiny cubes of salted caramel make it.

    • They are very very good.

      The salted caramel triple choc is divine.

      I will be stocking up on these I wonder if there is a limit but if not in getting as much as I can fit in my bag.

  • How does this compare to Pics? I havnt really been a fan.

    • I personally prefer pics for flavour and texture. I find the Mayvers to be a bit more runny. Pics hasn’t been on special for a long time though =(

    • Personally I find both quite good, but if I had to choose, Mayver's got the edge by a nut for me in terms of flavour. But PICS are made from 100% oz ingredients. Mayver's only 50% (at least). So that maybe important for some, but for me just stock up whichever that's half price :).

  • Time to buy a whole slab

  • Is this in store only or can you place an online order for these too?

  • Which varient of the peanut butter do you guys recommend thanks

    • I absolutely love the dark roasted smooth

    • I only buy the dark roasted crunchy. @Smeng: What type of peanut butter do you normally go for?

      • I buy the costco crunchy, so even if these are half price they are still more expensive just want to know what's so good about these and try a jar out for myself thanks

        • I like that it's 100% nuts and a touch of salt (the ingredients reads Roasted Peanuts (99.3%) & Salt. No added Oil, Dairy or Sugar.
          I also like the consistency, amount of crunch and the dark roasty flavour.
          Oh, I also like that it's made in Australia and it seems that at least 50% of the peanuts are from Queensland. From their website:

          Mayver's Super Tasty Peanut Butters and Dark Roast Peanut Butters are made in Victoria, Australia from at least 50% Aussie peanuts that are grown in Kingaroy, Queensland. All our other spreads are made from the finest, raw natural ingredients that we personally select from farms around the world. We try to use Australian ingredients wherever possible however sometimes there simply isn't enough Australian produce available which means we need to source it from other farms that adhere to our strict quality standards.

          Worth a try for sure.

          I've not tried the Costco brand though. Does it have a brand name and do you have the ingredient list handy?

  • Ah! Did you realize that if you use the Woolworth's app (Phone or PC) there is a total of 682 HALF PRICE specials this week. Every week has a similar amount!!!

  • Which mayvers peanut butter is good for first timer?? We like bega smooth

  • +2 votes

    Me: So, Mayver's is finally half-price again …
    My Girlfriend: How many did we get last time (March-ish)?
    Me: Like, 6
    My Girlfriend: Let's get 8 this time
    Me: We're getting at least 12

    So thanks OP

  • does woolworths deliver these days?

  • Got me some Harry's Triple Choc and Peppermint Brownies. Looks yummo.

  • Thanks OP. Bought 24.

  • $2.75 at my local Woolies? Anyone else have $2.75 price or is the $2.50 elsewhere lol

  • Negging for mayvrs being dodgy

    its now imported nuts, Coles, WW, mayvers websites all say at least 50% Australian.

    But most of all the product is not as good, the dark roast looks different and tastes different.
    PIC: https://ibb.co/BwGX3cd

    • That a disappointment…I'm guessing we'll see alot more 50% off Mayvers in the future.

    • The extra-crunchy jar I got this morning says it's made from South American nuts, so where's the dodginess there?

    • australia is also importing hundreds of thousands of international students per year too which is the second most important income source for the country's economy. how about that?
      stop being patriotic and so you wont be ridiculed.

      • baldur, i think you misunderstand. I am not calling out the imported goods, i am calling out mayvers on trying to hide it.
        They even made the text on the label smaller!!!!!!!!!

        It used to be 50% minimum aussie nuts, Colesworth and Mayvers website still state minimum 50% aussie nuts.

        But the jar in small writing on the back says less than 10% aussie products… which is probably only the 0.7% salt & 99.3% imported peanuts.

        BUT most importantly, the product has changed, look at the photo, if you cant see it you need your eyes checked.

        • Next up, any Holden deal gets negged because "they don't use the same steel that the FJ used!"

          Negging products because you don't happen to like them as much as you used to is ridiculous.

        • I hardly see how Mayvers can be blamed for inaccuracies on the Coles/Woolies website.

          They told me they bought all the Australian peanuts they could literally find, then switched to Argentina after that (there's apparently a shortage caused by drought). Whether you believe them or not is another matter, but I have no reason to believe they're lying.

  • I got the salted caramel and peppermint brownie ice creams. The former was pretty good, but some will say it's too sweet. The latter was a no go, the ice cream was nice but the brownie pieces were really icy. They could've executed it better. Would probably rebuy the salted caramel but only at this price point. Might have to try the Sara Lee salted caramel next.