expired Vulcan Supreme 2000 Lock - Now Only $29


Vulcan Supreme 2000 Lock
RRP: $49
Our Price: $29.00

This excellent quality Mini D-Lock is a great way to secure your bike around town, without carrying the weight of a full size Shackle Lock.

1. High quality anti-drill cylinder and key
2. Hardened steel shackle
3. Resists saws, cutters and hammers
4. Extra strong double strap Bike bracket
5. Size: 80mm x 140mm

RideOn Bicycle Magazine gave this lock a score of 96%:
"Shackle had to be cut twice to release bike"
"Excellent value for money"
rideOn Magazine, October - November 2011, Lock test 2011, Page 30


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    did anyone else think of spock's vulcan death grip?


    Shatner had to be cut twice to release………

  • +1 vote

    MelbourneBikes: Is this lock hack real and does your bike resist such lock picking techniques?



      That's why I don't use D locks!

    • +1 vote

      I doubt it, the picture of this lock you can see the keys are flat.
      The hack in that video are on the locks with the circle key.


        Are you sure the keys are flat in that picture or is just a side on shot of radial keys?


          The keys are flat as shown on the picture.


      No, it will not work on this lock.


    not bad for a U lock. They usually go for a lot more.


    Live long and cycle

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