Mazda CX-9 Touring FWD Brand New Price Negotiation.

Hi All

We have finalised our choice of SUV/Wagon Just want to know if anyone has as per below.

$$$$$ Negotiation- we were able to negotiate with dealer for 49k drive away MY 2020.

Also 4 years 10k/ 4yrs free servicing.

Has anyone been able to negotiate anymore further.

Note: the above price is without any accessories. Standard floor mat included font and mid seat row. Plus machine grey paint which is ~$500 included.

Please let me know.


  • Location?

    • Sydney

  • When we bought ours brand new in 2018 we only got them down to $50k with car seat covers and floor mats. They don't budge at Mazda

    • Yes they do. To spec cx8 for $60k 18months ago.

      Problem is covid, car prices are abit cra cra.

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    If you negotiated already, you'll get nothing more off.

    The only way to get better is to take the number you already have to another dealer. Find one with your exact car in stock and you might do better.


    $49k sounds about right. The broker HiFi on the page before mentioned:
    dawgax: "Anyone able to share the prices they've paid recently? I'm looking at getting a FWD Touring model with a towbar, boot cover, matts and a couple of other extras included."
    HiFi: "about 54-55k with all those extras for a 2020 built AWD Touring – dont have recent FWD pricing sorry"

    • From the above link seems like dealers are not interested in discounting especially with Toyota and Mazda cars.

  • Did you do your best to get them down? If so, be happy with what price and buy it.

  • Hi OP, just wondering what price you ended up paying and which dealer in Sydney did you go to ?

    I’m currently in the market for a CX-9 touring FWD

  • I'm interested in pricing for Mazda CX 9 Azami FWD! I can the prices at carsales but do people get discounts off those prices too?

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      Yes, I got sports FWD for 42.5 drive away with mats, tints and front sensors. For Azami aim for low 60s.

      • I noticed about a month ago carsales had new azami fwd for $59k drive away. I'm guessing I should aim lower?

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          As a guide, i have secured a Touring FWD for $47,100 last week.

          • @spk: Thanks. Was it brand new (ie not demo) and which dealer was it?

            • @choister: Yes Brand new, West Ryde(NSW)

          • @spk: What did they originally quote you? Believe it's 54500$ list price? Did you get any accessories

          • @spk: Hi mate , are you able to help me with written quote if you got one? Or contract without your private information?