Best Feed in Tariff Victoria

Hey Guys,

Have 6.6kw solar system getting installed in a couple of weeks. Just wondering what the best feed tariffs people have found in Victoria? Will be feeding back a bit in summer. Thanks


  • Retailers offer different rates depending on the distributor (which depends on your location).

  • Amber Electric gives you the wholesale feed in rate which would be the highest rate however the do charge a $10 p/m fee so, it may not suit your needs (depending on how much power you use from the grid and how much you feed in).

  • Thanks, I'm in the SPAusnet area, Mooroolbark.

  • I came to this thread expecting a discussion about the Best Feed, in Tariff, Victoria.

  • FIT for Amber used to be 12c for the first year but now it’s dropped to 10c I think

  • The Vic minimum has dropped to ~10c from 1 July 2020.

    Depending on your usage it is worth doing the calculations, but for me trying to find a place which has a 1 or 2c higher FIT is not worth it because more often than not the cost per Kwh is more than the increase in the FIT and being winter we are using more power than we feed in.

  • 10.5c is the new minimum. Unlikely you will get higher considering how low the power prices are right now.

  • As a few about have said, the Victoria minimum rate is now 10.2c.

    Simply Energy and Alinta still have a 12c feed in rate but I'm not sure if that is changing soon to align with everyone else.

  • Thanks guys, just wanted to check there wasn't anything else out there that i was missing!

  • This site is normally a quick easy to way to tell you where to go for the high FIT plans
    Few things, normally high FIT plans (above the minimum FIT rate) have high usage and service charges, this means you want to be a low consumption high export household for these plans to work for you.
    I wouldn't recommend signing up to a high FIT plan right now in winter, I'd wait until about Oct/Nov when solar generation begins to pick up again as in winter you are better off on a low FIT low usage rates.
    Read the fine print, there has been a growing trend (eg the current Tango 20c FIT offer) to only offer a high FIT on the x amount exported each day and then it's 10.2c after that figure. Tango is currently the first 3.5 kw/h a day which is pretty terrible.

  • if you know your usage pattern, there're a few that do different peak/offpeak FIT (energy australia) but the difference is quite small (peak is 15c, offpeak is like 10c). It might work out a little better, last time I checked momentum was offering 13.5c with no cap, but you better check with your postcode.