Purchasing a Console from EB Games?

Hi folks,

I'm looking to purchase a Nintendo Switch Console and have been comparing prices between different stores.

EB game's currently selling it for $469 and I've managed to find it slightly cheaper elsewhere for $448 at Harvey Norman and JB-HI-FI.

I'm a bit torn about where to purchase it from since an EB staff member told me that unlike any other stores, they replace the whole unit if any problems were to occur.

Since this Switch is going to cost me quite a bit (Joy-Cons, games etc), saving a little goes a long way so I'd like to know if anyone thinks it's worth paying the extra money and buying the console from EB Games?

Which brings me to my next question, EB Games provide their customers with the option of purchasing a warranty so I've got that to take into account.

I've heard that Joy-Cons break quite easily so does anyone think it's worth paying $29.95 extra (darn, this is expensive) and adding a 2 year warranty onto those Joy-Cons?

Sorry for all the questions. Any help is much appreciated!

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    Shouldn't make a difference where you buy it from between those 3 retailers or indeed Amazon. Just don't buy new games from EB Games as they're generally rip-off prices.

    You're not getting a very good bargain on Switch at the moment due to demand/supply. If you're not desperate for one now, worth waiting till end of the year for prices to drop, particularly when next-gen consoles launch.

    Also, since this appears to be a significant purchase for you, are you very sure you want one? I got one while ago (paid $339.15 in Nov) and novelty wore off very quick for me. It's sat under TV collecting dust right now until get to take it on a long haul flight.

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      I paid $299 for mine with two games. This was well before Covid. The prices now are insane.

      • $299 with 2 games. I remember seeing it advertised at that price last year. Hurts my heart to think about it now.

    • Some very sold advice here. The consensus is to stay away from EB and stay away I will.

      I've been wanting a switch for quite some time and was very close to purchasing one in December last year (kind of kicking myself that I didn't). The best price I can get one for now is $448 so yeah, it definitely sucks.

      It is quite an exorbitant purchase but considering that it will be a family console, rather than a personal one, I think it will be well worth it.

      I have been entertaining the idea of purchasing a PS5 and most likely will but I'm honestly not in a great of a hurry for that. Honestly, I was initially a bit hesitant to purchase a switch since there are rumours of a switch 2/switch pro but it was really foolish thinking since nothing has officially been announced and with the release of the next-gen consoles, who knows when that will happen.

      • It entirely depends on you and what you want to play but I would recommend waiting and getting a PS5 instead. They're backwards compatible with PS4 titles so you'll have a HUGE backlog of AAA games to play for super cheap that caters to the whole family. Most PS Hits are on sale on Amazon for $19/$22 a pop rather than Switch's crazy prices.

        That obviously doesn't help if you want Nintendo titles specifically but if it's one or the other, PS5 for sure.

        • I'm really excited about the backwards compatibility. It's one of the PS5's biggest selling points, really.

          Yeah, you're right. It ultimately comes down to what I want and since I'm after some Nintendo-exclusive games I think I'll go ahead and make the purchase.

          Looks like it's going to be an expensive year for me!

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    Don't buy extra warranty and don't listen to EB. Buy the cheapest new switch from a reputable Australian dealer.

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    Does EB Games price match consoles?

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      yep they do match pretty much everything aslong they have it instock the other store

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      not according to their T&C's

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      A friend of mine used to work at EB Games, and consoles is something they specifically do not, price match on, they usually sell them in bundles, these days the Switch might be an exception.

      OP, I wouldn't say don't buy from EB Games, but if I were you, I'd want to go in-store almost to make sure you get it, their financials are a bit tipsy right now, would be so unfortunate to be one of the ones that orders and then has to get a refund because they shut, hard to know how long they have, their parent company in the US GameStop have been on the rocks for several years.

      • Thanks for the advise. I'm just going to stick to purchasing one from a reputable Aussie dealer,

    • Not on consoles.. but on other items they do..

      I tried the price match gig when I bought the Xb1 late last year.

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    I bought a Switch for $399 from JB HiFi over two years ago, love it. Wouldn't pay $469, but I guess Covid…

    You get joy cons with the console,I'd think about getting a Pro Controller as the second controller if you need one.

    I wouldn't buy into extended warranties or any of the EB spiel just get it from the cheapest retailer (just maybe not Kogan) , you shouldn't really have any issues.

    • Yeah, $469 is a bit excessive. Kind of kicking myself for not buying one when it was cheaper, especially since I've had my eye on one since December 2019.

      Looks like the consensus is to stay away from EB. I haven't shopped there in years and it looks like I won't anytime soon.

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        Once in a blue moon EB does have a half decent sale prices, but I feel it's mainly when they're offloading old stock. Their general sales prices are usually just bringing the games into line with the regular price at other stores and very rarely lower then sales on the eShop.

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    On extended warranties, keep in mind that what you pay goes not only towards repairing/replacing broken consoles, but also towards the expenses of administering the scheme and also towards making a profit for the insurer who is backing the warranty scheme. It is basically insurance, and a limited insurance at that with all of the overhead involved.

    To my thinking, these schemes are unnecessary for most. Get the best price you can, and put aside the extra you would have paid for the extended warranty. Do this for all the appliances/devices you buy, and you will have saved enough to simply replace any that break. If you can get the extended warranty for not much more than the very best price you can find the item at anyway, then by all means go for it.

    Extended warranty - let's call it breakage insurance - is only worth paying for if the breakdown of an item will cause hardship. Just like normal insurance. Otherwise, just repair/replace things out of your own wallet as they break…most of the time it will be beyond the extended warranty period anyway.

    • I don't generally like to purchase extra cover unless an item is over $100, and this is well over that.

      Some dealers have insane prices just to add a two year extra cover. JB-HI-FI's currently got a 2 year extended care for $68 so nothing too crazy. It covers any hardware issues but I've never had any issues with any consoles I've previously owned (all Sony and Microsoft) so is it really worth it?

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        Unless it includes accidental damage (like Applecare+), then it's not worth it for 2 years. You have ACL coverage here.

        I just got my TV replaced after 2 years 4 months running fine then suddenly died. It only had 1 year warranty but cited ACL and they replaced it with new upgraded model in 3 business days.

        • Nice, glad you got a new TV. I need to use the ACL card more often.

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    Another option is to look at gumtree

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      It's not going to be cheaper on Scamtree, Fraudbook or Feebay.

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    My joycon has developed an issue after 2 years, so it's outside of warranty. I just bought a replacement part on ebay for $12. I should clarify though, the issue is due to wear and tear, not manufacturing issue.

    Not sure if the $29.95 insurance would've replaced it, but I knew the $12 item addressed the issue.

    • Hmm, it doesn't appear to be worth the insurance if an issue is developing outside of the warranty period.

      I've heard that the Joy-Cons break easily and seen several threads where others complained about that which is why I was considering the extra cover but I might just leave it as is.

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