Budget Coffee Machine and Pods

Hi All
I am after some suggestions for budget coffee machine and Pods which does taste good as well. Any recommendations will be appreciated?



  • I good cup of Joe for you might be terrible for me. I've yet to have a good coffee from capsules and as a result I could justify a decent machine.
    Beans are cheap, I dont mind the Aldi beans and they are 12.99 a kg. So if you drink enough coffee, it could be worth getting a decent machine and grinder as capsules work out more expensive.
    If you MUST go capsules, ask you friends and then try theirs until you find ones you like otherwise its a bit of a lottery.

  • I run a mix of aeropressed Aldi powder (yes I'm too lazy to grind) and a nespresso machine with stocked up, 40-50% discounted supermarket/amazon pods (usually L'Or brand).

  • Aldi machine + Pods. Machine is $80. Pods 37c sometimes they do bulk buys and it get even cheaper.

  • Original Nepresso on a plan then refillable pod.

  • I use an aldi milk frother for $30 and a nespresso machine which I got cashback and pod credit for to which it owed me $3.20.

    Since then I just stock up on l'or pods from Woolies or Costco when they go on special. Usually around 30c/pod.

  • Aeropress with a Prismo

    Cheaper. Better flavour.

  • Pre Covid-19 you could taste test in Nespresso stores. This gives a good idea of what the different capsule types tasted like and the coffee produced by the machines, as they often had several different machines at the tasting bar. Unfortunately, this is currently unavailable, but may be again after COVID-19 settles down.

  • Personally after having pods for years now, can't really say I enjoy the taste anymore even from the nespresso pods. I would often go into the store for taste testing and to get different pods each time.

    Now I have gone with this cheap semi auto coffee machine:

    Still plenty of new stock at my local target for $199 in black (EM5000K).

    Would have preferred an $89 manual machine from Kmart but all stores around me are out of stock:

  • Not sure if this is what you're looking for but selected Woolies stores at the moment have a deal going on. Buy $120 worth of L'or coffee pods (some on special, some not it really varies) and get a free machine with it - valued at $250.

    • Was thinking that, but since they have no actual machines in stores (only in some selected in NSW and unlikely they had many) and I cannot justify buying $120 worth of pods and then unable to use them for like a month while the free machine is processed and delivered

  • Was actually planning to create a new post after Grinders pods for my Caffitaly disappeared from Woolworths, but saw a number of open threads already.
    How many coffee's a day justify buying a manual coffee machine, beans and grinder? We only have 2-4 coffees a day for the whole family. Pods were great while they had the ones that we liked. Really don't want to go back to instant. Have tried other brands that made caffitaly compatible capsules but did not likethem.

    So… L'Or, Nespresso or manual machine with a hassle of grinding own beans?