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The Good Guys: 10% Cashback @ ShopBack


Cashback not applicable for Products from brands such as: ASKO, Miele, AEG, Neff, Bertazzoni, La Germania, Falcon, and Apple.

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  • Anyone know when this expires?

  • Probably wishful thinking… but this wouldn't work for good guys commercial right?

  • Anyone knows whether paying with TGG GC will be eligible for cashback?
    seems the T & Cs only mention about purchasing GC, but not using GC to make payment

    • Wouldn't be much of a gift card if it didn't. These cashback companies make their money through fees for their services, not by getting a direct cut of each sale.

      • They get commission mostly.
        Alot wont pay commission when using gift card.

        • I doubt the commission is on a per user basis, and what's more, people pay cash for gift cards. To then turn their nose up at the notion of those gift cards being a valid form of payment for promotional deals would not sit well with the ACCC as their purpose is to be a substitute for cash.

    • I can confirm I paid partial gift card and cash back was tracked.

  • 150 day wait for cashback? Oof.

  • +3 votes

    The Shield for $360 is a decent deal for starters. Someone should write that up as a deal by itself.

    • Is an Android TV box seriously worth $400??? I'm 110% sure you can buy/build something better for that budget to be a streaming/gaming media box running Android/Windows.

      • People's needs are different. At 350 to 360 the shield is absolutely worth it. Certified 4K Android device with Dolby Atmos.

      • this thing has been great, runs everything you throw at it, every android app & streaming service, you can add live tv, twitch streams, Kodi/Plex, retro gaming emulation, no lag, every media format just works and quickly… much better than a laggy Sony Bravia OS at least.

      • It's not, particularly when it can't go to 4k120Hz or utilise HDR on YouTube due to a lack of VP9 Profile 2 support. The 2019 is just a process shrink of the original Shield, which is long outdated hardware.

        Pay more attention to this year's AMLogic SoC updates, which do offer these kind of features. The S908X that's due out soon should be a nice sweet spot for Shield-like performance while offering state-of-the-art codec support.

        • The consequences of no 4k120Hz though are effectively nil from a media perspective. You can't watch Gemini Man as the director intended, which almost nobody wants to do.

          The Shield is surely the best supported home media device of all time, and continues to be wildly popular, and I'm strongly considering getting one.

          • @B3: This is the kind of bizarre logic that sees people justify buying an old BenQ 240Hz monitor in 2020.

            50 FPS and 60 FPS sports broadcasts are well and truly a thing now, 4k will be in place by the end of the year, and 120 FPS (HFR) is simply waiting on AV1 codec adoption, and you should see services offering it towards the end of next year.

            2020 TVs have support, new 2020 media device SoCs have support, the Shield does not. It's a daft decision to be grabbing $300 devices every 12-24 months because you weren't paying attention to the practical concerns.

        • how many people have 120hz panels or actually care? how much media is there actually to consume at 120hz?

          for all the video/audiophiles, yes go and run coreelec on your chinese made boxes that you need to spend weeks setting up.

          Shield works and it works well.

          • @cacique: 120 FPS content is for live/documentary content, or for better capturing of PC/console content. The cinematic effect of 24 and 30 FPS isn't going anywhere, but the rest is progressing.

            Nothing to do with being a videophile or audiophile.

            • @jasswolf: What is all this live content you speak of? There is nowhere near enough 120hz content to justify waiting for a chipset that may or may not have decent hardware built around it.

              i have a 144hz monitor as i suspect if you game or have a PC you would, so unlikely to have 120hz on your tv as a huge deal breaker.

              So right now, yes the Shield definitely is worth it.

              • @cacique:

                1. The chips already exist, that's why there's been 4k120Hz TVs for 3 years.

                2. AV1 codec makes it economical for video streaming, and that's only coming into hardware this year. AV1 is already in use on Netflix and YouTube, and I'd expect to see it start to move onto live content services towards the end of 2021, with mainstream usage picking up steam in 2022.

                3. Hardware always comes before the application of hardware (duh).

                Buying a Shield today is a fool's errand if you've just bought, or are planning on buying a mid-range TV or better (especially for HDR content), which is what I assume people spending $300 to use Kodi/NAS are also doing. It's the most brain dead enthusiast logic I've seen this side of a subreddit, and is terrible purchasing advice on a bargain website.

                • @jasswolf: If you're running a NAS with Kodi it's for your local content and the shield will play anything local…

                  3d TV's also exist, you don't see anyone buying them…. there's no content worth getting them for. As for your codecs, sure If you say so…you can wait till 2022 for maybes and what if's.

                  • @cacique: They stopped making 3D TVs because perfecting the curve for viewing distance was difficult, reduced TV use cases and required very specific cameras. Easier to just produce stereoscopic content with said cameras and use glasses. Broadcast grade cameras already support 500-1000 FPS recording at 4K and higher, that's how they do super slow-motion content in documentaries and sports broadcasting.

                    Please refrain from engaging people if you won't even do a basic Google search before espousing as though you are an expert on the matter, or even just vaguely in touch with what most people seek from modern technology. Cheers!

                    • @jasswolf: Never said I was an expert mate, but get it through your head 90% of folks are not going to watch 120hz content which seems to be the entire basis for your argument.

                      If you can afford the shield and want one of the best media players out, then it will do the job. Again if you want to wait 2 years for things that may or may not come out be my guest, enjoy.

    • I had the same thought myself but not sure if using a gift card would void the cashback. Can get an extra 5% off that way.

  • not applicable for Products from brands such as… Falcon

    I think it's actually "FFalcon", which is a brand of cheap TVs?

    Also the words "such as" makes it sound like it could be pot luck as to whether a certain brand is excluded or not. Is there a full, exhaustive list of excluded brands?

  • Cashback not applicable for Products from brands such as: ASKO, Miele, AEG, Neff, Bertazzoni, La Germania, Falcon, and Apple

    That's pathetic. If they can't specify than don't bother.

    About as bad as the eBay selected items.

    • As a former appliance salesman I can tell you that these brands are proforma brands or agency brands. Essentially GoodGuys don't own any of their stock and act as an agent on their behalf. Meaning that you're buying from the brand directly and they'll handle the shipping/installation costs. The agent will earn about 20-25% of the sale with the salesman often taking around 1-4% of that cut. I used to take about 2.5% of the sale.

      As a result these prices are standardized across every store/chain so you won't find any cheaper prices on any of these at different locations or online. The only exception is made for floor stock which is at the store rep's discretion. I know that doesn't help but hopefully that helps explain why you see these exceptions.

  • So these cashbacks on the good guys work for preorders? Given they take the money out later (I assume).

  • 150 days wait for claim? Or will it arrive sooner.

  • bringing the Nest hub to $90 ish in case someone after one

  • Just to add clarification as to what you can/cant claim against:

    Excludes selected advertised lines, Apple, gaming consoles, mobile phone plans, 15% off selected TCL TVs, Dell computers, Lenovo computers, Weber BBQs & accessories, Hisense Split Systems, Cygnett Smart Home, Dell PC Accessories, Miele (except Vacuum Cleaners), SMEG, ASKO, FFalcon, AEG, La Germania, Neff, digital vouchers & gaming credits, gift cards, home services, delivery & installation, Gold Service extras.

  • Bought a TV for $845 - 10% cashback should be $84.50 should it not? I got a notification that purchase has been tracked - $76.82 coming my way in 150 days. Hmmm

    • Looks like it’s working 10% off the product price excluding gst. So in your case $768.20 + $76.82(GST) = $845.20 (total price you pay)

  • Cashback doesn’t work on DJI products. I got rejected on there last 10% giveaway - $178.

  • Got a call after online order.. product out of stock without ETA.. Order cancelled.

    • The Good Guys have been pretty bad lately about this. The store reps blame COVID but surely the issue is their system can't keep track of stock in real time.

  • my advice dont use shopback. I fell for their 14% discount on their laptop deals. 178$ in total. didnt get a dime. They said they cant track it.

    • Just need to be persistent in your email to shopback.
      Explain you followed every steps listed in their terms, and ask to escalate it if don't succeed first time.
      Most time I got a 'top up" of the cashback from shopback